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  • Predictive Analytics for Improved Cost Management  
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Webinar: PRICE Cost Analytics Overview


As your organization and its interactions with your customers continue to grow in complexity, you must manage the costs of your products and projects with more dexterity to generate a profit. Multiple options, approaches and relentless time and margin pressures make the decisions you must take more challenging. Meanwhile, new enterprise applications and systems are generating massive amounts of data which you are expected to use to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions. While business analytics promises to turn that data into intelligence, it can often miss the mark when capturing new business opportunities.

PRICE Cost Analytics (PCA) is refreshingly different. PCA is a proven, predictive analytics approach focused on cost management (Cost Estimation, Cost Budgeting, and Cost Control) that delivers the answers you need, when you need them. As cost profitability and affordability are a critical part of your decision criteria, PRICE Cost Analytics will make you more confident in your decisions.