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  • Predictive Analytics for Improved Cost Management  
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Webinar Series: 2014 Success

Affordability Engineering for Better Alternative Selection and Risk Reduction
Features: The process for implementing affordability as an inherent attribute for engineering to achieve an effective best system solution.

Cost of Migrations and Operations in the Cloud
Features: Key considerations as well as possible risks and challenges associated with migrating to a cloud solution to empower businesses to make the best decisions while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Lessons Learned from the ISBSG
Features: The methodology used by PRICE and the ISBSG, to develop calibrated software estimation templates for TruePlanning for Software® based on various scenarios.

Linking Parametric Estimates to Programmatic Artifacts
Features: The use of estimation software and risk analysis tools, in the context of a NASA-sponsored “LPEPM” research project, and offers conclusions relevant to parametrics and PRICE integration.

Long Term Affordability through Knowledge Based Bid & Proposal
Features: How TruePlanning® 2014 eases the integration of data, statistics, models and estimate mapping in a robust data-driven estimating framework.

Rotorcraft Cost Model Enhancements for Future Concepts
Features: PRICE's approach, findings, and lessons learned, in ongoing efforts to improve upon existing rotorcraft cost estimation capabilities, from CER update and model development perspectives.