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  • Predictive Analytics for Improved Cost Management  
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ICEAA 2017: CMMI and Agile Development: A Binary Choice?

The Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development has a long and impressive history for progressing the cause of process improvement. Agile de...

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ICEAA 2017: Lessons Learned in Leveraging Historical Cost, Schedule and Technical Data

The process of applying historical cost, schedule and technical data to develop new program estimates is often more difficult than textbooks suggest. ...

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ICEAA 2017: Modeling Hardware Development Cost in a Low TRL / Pre-Acquisition Environment

Estimating the cost of pre-concept programs, often with very immature TRL’s, is always challenging. This case study highlights the use of analogous pr...

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ICEAA 2017: Exploring the Results of Two Methodologies for Unmanned Space Estimation

Independent validations of two separate predictive analytics methodologies were performed over the last two years. In both cases, common detailed asse...

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ICEAA 2017: How to use Predictive Analytics for a DCAA-Complaint Estimating System

The DCAA ensures that Defense contractors use an acceptable estimating. They establish acceptable estimating system compliance criteria and audit’s co...

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ICEAA 2017: Budgeting for Canadian Shipbuilding - Examining Predictive Cost Analytic Methods

Predictive Cost Analytics plays a major role Canada’s Shipbuilding Strategy in developing cost and budget estimates. However, these estimates must be ...

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ICEAA 2017: Automated Data Collection Using Open Source Web Crawling Technology

For many reasons, data gathering is often one of a cost estimator’s biggest challenges. Even in cases where data is available, the logistics of data c...

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ICEAA 2017: Deployment Cost Estimation for Electronic/IT Systems

This paper will discuss our research into cost estimation for the deployment of Electronic and IT systems, also known as Operational/Site Activation. ...

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ICEAA Technology Showcase Webinar 2017: Top 5 Uses of TruePlanning

PRICE® Systems, a world leader in cost estimation and analysis solutions, enables our clients to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of cost...

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Can CMMI and Agile co-exist?

The Capability Maturity Model Integration – Development (CMMI-Dev) is a model designed to help organizations achieve and institutionalize process mat...

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