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Known Issues

The table below includes some of the known issues in PRICE® Systems products. We include only issues we think are important or may potentially impact many customers, as well as a temporary solution until the issue is fixed. Use this information to decide when to upgrade to a new release and to see if we are aware of issues affecting you.

We are adding new issues as we discover them. When we release a new software update that addresses an issue, we will add a link to download the update in the Status column.

Last updated: March 14, 2017





TruePlanning 2016 Update 1 Projects created in TruePlanning 2016 Update 1 where cost objects have the same name at the same level in the PBS cannot be reopened once saved to a tpprj file.            

Temporary Solution: Use a unique naming convention when assigning custom names to cost objects at the same level in the PBS.

If the project has already been saved and closed in this state, please contact your PRICE technical contact or the PRICE Help Desk for further assistance.

TruePlanning 2016  Software costs estimates are incorrect when specifying certain languages with COSMIC Function Point size units. The programming languages are: C#, Java, Oracle, PHP, SAP or VB. 

Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  The Phoenix® Integration ModelCenter® interface does not work properly with standalone desktop installations.  It always looks for a connection to a database.

Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  When importing multiple WBS or mappings into the Manage Mappings dialog, and changing the order that they are listed within the dialog, there is a risk that any newly or previously created mappings will not be retained when saving the project.

Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  TruePlanning® 2016 cannot launch after being installed and prompts a message about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll” missing from the computer. Typically, this occurs because Microsoft® Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable did not install correctly.

Temporary Solution: Perform a repair on the 2015 redistributable installation or reinstall the redistributable. The TruePlanning® 2016 installation does not need to be changed.

 TruePlanning 2016  Saving a project to a Microsoft® Excel® file and then importing that file into another open project sometimes results in extraneous costs being shown for cost objects.

Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  Projects created in TruePlanning® versions 14.0 and 14.2 were not using the appropriate rates for currency conversions when opened in TruePlanning® version 16.0.

Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  When using the new Templates, if a Missile Template is selected, it may fail with an error. This is because the Missile Templates use a catalog called "equations" for calculating Fuel Costs.

Solution: This catalog is not installed by default, and has to be manually loaded from the “Program Files (x86)\PRICE Systems Solutions\TruePlanning_16_0\Catalogs\Not Installed” area, using the TP2016 Tools – Catalog Manager – Import function

 If you have problems with importing this catalog, please contact you PRICE SA or the PRICE Help Desk.

 TruePlanning 2016 The "First Piece Cost" and "Nth Unit Cost" (FPC/NUC) metrics for Hardware COTS items are incorrect when the fiscal year for "Results" (set in Project->Properties->Economics) and that for the Hardware COTS "Purchased Hardware Units Costs" are different. This also affects their parent System/Assembly FPC/NUC metrics. Only the FPC/NUC metrics are incorrect in this circumstance. The costs on the "Results" tab are correct.

Temporary Solution: This issue can be avoided if you use the same fiscal year for both your output costs (set in Project->Properties->Economics) and your Hardware COTS "Purchased Hardware Units Costs" input.