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PRICE® Responds to Customer Requests with Latest Release of TruePlanning®

Newly enhanced features available in upcoming release empower cost estimators to work more efficiently

Mt. Laurel, NJ / January 6, 2015 / PRICE® Systems LLC, pioneer in the science of parametric estimating and developer of PRICE® TruePlanning®—the global standard for accurate cost estimating—today announced that it will be releasing SR2 in January 2015. This release responds directly to customer feedback with the following additions and feature enhancements:

  • Multiple “Find and Replace”: Perform a “Find and Replace” on several project items at the same time to quickly change a series of values throughout your entire project and instantly examine how those changes impact cost.
  • Report Views: Create a report at any level in the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS); Display the costs of a parent (System or Assembly) and its direct children costs only, display the costs of a parent and its first two levels of children costs, or display the costs of a parent and include all of its children costs, and so forth. The Report Views allow you to generate the reports and charts you need.
  • Added Method Selection for Uncertainty Analysis:  Choose an option for how you want the pessimistic and optimistic values calculated (e.g., by Number, Auto, Percent, or Offset) from new list added to TruePlanning Risk Input Sheet.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Examine the impact a parent (System or Assembly) has on costs (or labor requirements) independent of its children.
  • Space Missions Model: The TruePlanning for Space Missions model is a fully interactive parametric cost estimating program designed to provide quick and reliable development, production, cost and schedule estimates for any robotic Earth and Space Science mission.
  • Rotocraft Model: This toolset estimates new helicopter and tiltrotor concepts and advanced technologies and enables the type of analysis needed to aid decision-makers.

Current PRICE customers can anticipate receipt of the SR2 release via mail in late January 2015.

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