Original Post Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 

TruePlanning 2010 SR1 estimation software is now available as an upgrade for existing PRICE customers. The most significant update to this version of TruePlanning is the capability to use both parametric estimating models as well as analogous data to produce estimates. This capability validates and increases the defensibility of estimates.

TruePlanning provides a framework that allows content driven parametric models to be estimated in one system. Most notably, hardware, software, IT and Systems of Systems (SoS). No other commercially available estimating tool can make that claim. However, whereas in previous versions estimates relied on parametric models which are based on industry benchmarks, now users can also incorporate their own data for analysis. Customers can import organizational data to TruePlanning, run regression analysis on that data, and further validate their estimates. So now estimates can be backed by internal organizational data as well as external benchmark data, which is a powerful way to defend an estimate.

To view complete details of this new feature as well as other enhancements visit our New Release Info page.