The goal of this blog is to show how data can flow between TruePlanning and ProPricer. This walkthrough is based on estimating a software application that will provide users the ability to track objects orbiting the Earth using a feed from some fictitious data stream. The benefit is the ability to get the labor requirement (effort in hours) estimated by TruePlanning into ProPricer in a seamless, easily repeatable process.


1. Create ProPricer Proposal for the Orbiting Body Tracking application

The first step is to create a proposal in ProPricer with a WBS. Each task in ProPricer will have a set of resources assigned to it. 

2. Create a TruePlanning estimate for the Orbiting Body Tracking application

A cost estimate is created in TruePlanning that reflects the project for which the proposal is being created. This will result in the estimation of hours that need to be pushed into ProPricer.

3. Load the TruePlanning project into TrueMapper

The next step of is to load the TruePlanning project into TrueMapper.

4. Load the WBS from ProPricer into TrueMapper

TrueMapper is integrated with ProPricer allowing users to load a WBS from a ProPricer proposal with a couple of clicks.  First click the “Import WBS from ProPricer” button, then select the ProPricer proposal.

As keen eye will notice that the WBS loaded into TrueMapper from ProPricer is a bit more complex that the WBS displayed in ProPricer. This is because of the relationship of data between TruePlanning and ProPricer. TruePlanning, at its lowest level, produces estimates made up of hours for resources over time. ProPricer, at its lowest level, also records hours for resources over time.  The issue is that the WBS in ProPricer is at the task level.

To manage this, when TrueMapper pulls in the WBS from ProPricer, it appends the resources for each task found in the ProPricer proposal’s WBS to the WBS it loads. This allows TrueMapper users to map from TruePlanning resources to ProPricer resources. There are tools for performing the mapping at a higher level in order to perform the mapping more quickly, but it is possible to create a very detailed and specific mapping. 

5. Map between the TruePlanning PBS and the ProPricer WBS

Using the drag and drop functionality of TrueMapper, users assign percentages of effort belonging to TruePlanning Cost Objects, Activities or Resources to the resources for tasks in ProPricer.

6. Export data from TrueMapper into ProPricer

Once the mapping is complete hours data can be moved from TrueMapper into ProPricer.  This is accomplished by pressing the “Export to ProPricer” button and results in the generation of a *.csv file which matches the format of the ProPricer “Resource hours/units/cost” file and can be imported directly into ProPricer. 

The data below represents the hours from TruePlanning Cost Objects ‘shredded’ into ProPricer resources by month.

7. The ProPricer proposal populated with hours data from TruePlanning!

The screenshot below shows a ProPricer proposal filled with hours data that came from a TruePlanning estimate.


TruePlanning is the most powerful parametric cost estimating tool available and it allows users to preform high quality estimates. Having a simple, repeatable mechanism for moving TruePlanning data into ProPricer significantly extends the value of TruePlanning.