Recently a PRICE customer was interested in mapping TruePlanning projects to the Army’s Cost Element Structure (CES) and asked us to provide some help. The TruePlanning projects were completed so the next step was to pull the TruePlanning project and the Army’s CES into TrueMapper. The question was: where to find the Army CES in a form TrueMapper can digest.

One option would have been to ‘hand jam’ the CES into Excel from the PDF based CES definition the customer provided. The Army CES isn’t enormous, but the effort would have been laborious and fraught with the potential for human error. A better option turned out to be the use of the integration between TruePlanning and Aceit by Tecolote. Aceit contains many of the standard DoD WBS, and CES structures as templates and with TrueMapper’s ability to consume these templates, the effort of loading the Army’s CES is reduced to a series of mouse clicks. This significantly reduces the effort, the time required, and the likelihood of human introduced errors.

The following are the steps that were used to get the Army CES into TrueMapper.

1. Create a new Aceit project, selecting the Generic Army CES template

When a new Aceit project is created a Tecolote provided template can be selected. In this case the customer was using the Army’s Generic CES.  As part of the Aceit project creation, users can select the depth they would like the template to be taken to.

2. Add WBS Ids to the Aceit Project

TrueMapper’s integration with Aceit is based on using the “WBS/Item Number” column. This column is used to identify unique elements of the Aceit project and to build the tree structure it creates in TrueMapper when importing data from Aceit. Because the selected template is a “CES” based template, the “WBS/Item Number” column in the newly created Aceit project is empty. Fortunately, Aceit provides a tool to provide WBS numbers for the elements of the Aceit project.  To launch the WBS Numbering Wizard in Aceit click Tools->WBS Numbering Wizard.

3. Save the newly created Aceit Project

With the WBS numbering added the Aceit project should be saved. 

4. Launch TrueMapper and Load the Targeted TruePlanning Project

Launch TruePlanning and select the project to be mapped to the template used in the Aceit project. 

5. Import the CES template from Aceit

Click on the “Import WBS from Aceit” button. Select the project that was just created. The CES structure will be loaded into TrueMapper.


By utilizing the integration between PRICE’s TrueMapper and Tecolote’s Aceit, customers can leverage the power in each application to save time, reduce effort, and increase the value of the estimates they are producing.  The customer for whom the work was being performed was able to take advantage of the Aceit project that was created and used TrueMapper’s export to Aceit feature to move the estimate data into Aceit which also saved the customer significant time and provided them great benefit.