Many people suggest that the first instance of an Internet of Things object occurred in the early 80’s with a Coke machine in the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University.  Apparently the Coke machine was located some distance from the department and the programmers were constantly trekking to the machine for find that it was out of their preferred beverage or to find that it had just been refilled and all the beverages were at room temperature.  Programmers being programmers, they decided to use technology to solve their problem.  They installed sensors and developed a program that would query these sensors so they would know from their desks whether it would be worth the walk.

While I have no real proof that this was the first instance, it makes for a good story.  What there evidence is of is the fact that The Internet of Things is taking off and with the IoT comes all possibilities in the field of wearable technology.  Smart watches and fitness trackers are just the tip of the iceberg. There have been innovations in areas of communication, health and fitness, medical and many other fields.  And the possibilities are nearly endless.  Imagine a world where all the information you need to do your job was literally right in front of your face and this information is adapted automatically based on the environment, the current situation or your voice commands.  There is a huge future for adapting wearable technology to improve many types of businesses, including medical, emergency response, insurance, manufacturing and many more. 

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