Original Post Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earlier this month Under Secretary of Defense, Asthon Carter, spoke at the 2010 Annual Air and Space Conference. His speech touched on some of the 5 categories that he and Defense Secretary Robert Gates laid out in order to identify low value activities and reapportion approximately $100 billion dollars within the Defense Budget to higher value capabilities needed to support US Forces.

The first of those categories he described has to do with "targeting affordability".  In the context of a specific Navy program he explained this concept in a simple practical manner: 

"The way to do that is not to decide what submarine you want and then do an independent cost estimate and then program and pay the bill...The way to do it is to get the engineers in who design the submarine and understand how the cost of the submarine varies as you move each and every one of those critical design variables around." 

This analysis and estimation of design alternatives is precisely what will be featured in an upcoming PRICE Systems webinar on October 20. The presentation will demonstrate how DARPA recently used TruePlanning cost estimation software to evaluate alternative design solutions by looking at cost/schedule implications within the trade space of key functionality and capability of the design.