Original Post Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

While TruePlanning by PRICE Systems is the world leading parametric cost estimation tool, the reality is that not all members in an organization are going to have TruePlanning installed on their desktops, but that doesn’t mean those people can’t get a view into the power of TruePlanning.

The TruePlanning Viewer is a tool under development that allows users to view the PBS and data contained in a TruePlanning project without having TruePlanning on their desktops.

Figure 1 TruePlanning Viewer

TruePlanning users will be able to create special “tpview” files that non-TruePlanning users can use with the TruePlanning Viewer. Inside the TruePlanning Viewer users will have a read-only look at TruePlanning projects.

The left pane of the TruePlanning Viewer displays a dynamic PBS that contains the Cost Objects and Activities of the targeted TruePlanning project. Each row in the PBS displays the cost and the hours associated with that element so users can easily see how PBS elements relate to each other and how that impacts the bottom line.


Figure 2 PBS showing cost and labor requirement

The right pane of the viewer contains four tabs: Inputs, Activity Info, Metric Info, and Notes.

Figure 3 Tabs on right pane

The right pane is contextually sensitive to the currently selected element in the PBS. As users select different elements in the PBS, the data in the right pane is automatically updated.

The Inputs tab displays a grid with all of the inputs for the currently selected PBS.  The Activity Info tab displays a list of the Activities and includes the ability to show the Activities of child Cost Objects.  The Metrics Info tab lists the same data as found on the TruePlanning results “Metric” report.  The Notes tab shows any notes that have been added in TruePlanning, which in many organizations, is used to help form an audit trail for project changes.


Figure 4 Activities tab for Fuselage

Some of the uses of the TruePlanning viewer include, the ability to launch multiple copies of the TruePlanning Viewer at the same time so users can view different versions of estimates side by side allowing helping with analysis of alternatives. The data in grids in the right panel can be copied into Excel for “on the fly” analysis.  Also, because the TruePlanning viewer is file based, it can be used anywhere, anytime, there is no need to be connected to a database or the corporate network.

The TruePlanning Viewer is currently in ‘beta’ but if you are interested please email us at CR@pricesystems.com for a sneak peak.