If you look at slide 68 of the presentation (Reference Mission Set Used in the Chicago Development Cost Model), it says that the data sets includes “actual costs for completed projects and projected costs for projects in development and near-term mission candidates”. Does this mean that historical actuals were used and there was no normalization of the data?  Does the actual costs include contractor fee and any subcontractor burdens or were those stripped out?  If contractor fees or burdens were removed, how do we go about adding that to the model estimate?  Is there an input parameter for that under each component element or a global setting that must be set?

The original version included some near-term mission candidates. The current version is all actuals. Data has been normalized to remove system contracting burdens/fees and external impacts (beyond project’s control) but includes values for contributions.

Also, regarding the above question, I would like to re-ask it because the implications are significant:

1.       TPSM results are cost excluding contractor fees?

2.       TPSM results exclude NASA Center burdens?

Yes and Yes!

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