Original Post Date: Friday, April 2, 2010 

The newest version of TruePlanning has been released and distributed to customers. The new features were designed to make it easier to estimate entire systems, not just individual components or sub-systems. TruePlanning is an excellent solution in this regards.

Systems that require you to estimate software costs, hardware costs, and the integration of multiple pieces of each can all be done in one framework. There are  specific features in this release, like input inheritance, that allow you to make changes at the top Project level which then flow throughout the entire system.  This saves an estimator or an engineer lots of time as typically they have to dedicate time to making sure that there is consistency from the top level of a systems throughout.

Other enhancements include improved help and guidance. While using TruePlanning’s built-in calculators to come up with good inputs, you are also informed through pop-up messages and alerts  about what inputs need to be entered or should be entered based on what you have already told the software. We’ve added more charts and graphs that give you visual clarity of how specific inputs of the models effect certain estimated costs. There is also a new Help System that is easy to navigate so you can locate information that can help answer questions you may have as you are building your estimate.

For more information visit our New Release Info page.