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PRICE Cost Analytics

Predictive Power for Supplier Assessment

PRICE Supplier Assessment is a quantitative methodology used to evaluate potential suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and developmental end items. The result of Supplier Assessment is to establish a portfolio of preferred suppliers for use mainly during the proposal process and post-award. Supplier Assessment is also applied to current suppliers to benchmark/monitor performance to evaluate if a provided quotation is a reasonable expectation prior to commencing negotiations.

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Over 40 Years of Cost Estimation Excellence
PRICE has over 40 years of cost estimation experience, a dedicated cost research team and comprehensive cost models with the most recent, relevant benchmark data. Established in 1975 with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific, PRICE Systems serves more than 250 customers worldwide. More than 15,000 project professionals have been trained in the company's cost estimating and analysis methodologies.
PRICE's Proven Models
Over 40 years of predictive cost model building and estimating expertise firmly entrenches PRICE Systems in the predictive analytics arena. Our proven predictive cost models greatly reduce the extensive data-mining process that typically delays getting executives the robust answers they need when they need them. Time-to-value is reduced because thousands of key relationships have already been discovered and embedded in our predictive models. Our modeling solutions cut through the initial uncertainty surrounding business analytics to deliver evidence-based predictive costs that empower actionable results.
The PRICE Team is on Your Side
We have achieved and maintained this leadership position in the industry by growing a team of seasoned professionals with a track record of success and putting our focus on customer success and satisfaction. The people at PRICE include experienced cost estimators and cost analysts, model builders, project leaders, mathematicians, logisticians, hardware and software engineers, computer scientists, and consulting professionals - all committed to your success.
Enterprise Integration is Simple with Us
We have learned that you must close the loop from analytic derived predictive estimates to actual results and then back again. PRICE Cost Analytics (PCA) is a proven, predictive analytics approach to cost management (Cost Estimation, Cost Budgeting and Cost Control) that delivers the answers when needed. PCA gives users the ability to integrate their own historic project data - along with PRICE Cost Model data - in the PRICE TruePlanning framework, to elevate confidence in their cost estimating and cost management.

GAO, Boeing, Lockheed and now PRICE® Systems

Zach Jasnoff, PRICE Systems' Vice President of Professional Services, discusses his career background at U.S. GAO, Boeing Helicopter and Lockheed Martin MS2 and how PRICE Systems provided him not only credible cost estimates but extreme customer service. This customer service Zach experienced as a PRICE customer back in the 1980s and 1990s is one of the many reasons why Zach continued his career at PRICE, committing himself, with the rest of the PRICE team, to our customers' successes.

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