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    "Ultimately, SPS will potentially replace more than 76 procurement legacy systems and save the DoD $403.3 million."

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    “...using PRICE® gives us the confidence to invest in new areas, deliver projects at a fair price, and move forward profitably."

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    "PRICE® provides an important view of program costs over time so planned costs can be adjusted to comply with budgets."

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    "I don’t know how we could have done this without TruePlanning®"

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    "TruePlanning® is a critical element of Avascent’s Price-To-Win service offering."

#aa273e New Release 16.2 Now Available!

New Release 16.2 Now Available!

We proudly release updates to our technology suite, including TruePlanner®, TrueFindings®, TrueMapper®, TrueExplorer® and TrueBOE®. Version 16.2 includes new and improved functionality requested by our PRICE Cost Analytics™ customers, as well as new and updated predictive models.

#94b3bd Creating Knowledge from Data

Creating Knowledge from Data

Join Arlene Minkiewicz, Chief Scientist, & Cara Cuiule, Cost Research Analyst, to discuss the PRICE® Data Set Initiative, established to add value to the cost community through transparent, distributable, and credible data sets is progressing. 

#4c4b4b Model-Based Cost Engineering™ Survey

Model-Based Cost Engineering™ Survey

This brief survey allows you to quickly determine your current cost estimation methods’ strengths and weaknesses—knowledge that is critical to streamlining your estimation process to create a data-driven Basis of Estimates (BOE).

#013467 Decades of Cost Research, <br>Thought Leadership & Education

Decades of Cost Research,
Thought Leadership & Education

Our extensive library includes estimation templates, use cases, data sets, how-to videos, benchmark reports, white papers, recorded webinars, and more.

#aa273e PRICE® Research: 2021 Outlook for Commercial, Government Contractor & Government Organizations

PRICE® Research: 2021 Outlook for Commercial, Government Contractor & Government Organizations

Arlene Minkiewicz, Chief Scientist, digs into the plans for 2021 and what is keeping PRICE® Research busy. Check in for periodic updates.