Predictive Power.
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Take the guessing game out of your projects, budgets or bids with faster, more accurate cost estimating analytics & process integration.

Commercial Enterprises

How do you quickly and accurately estimate a project’s efforts, schedule, and costs? How do you determine your optimal bid?

Our solution utilizes your historical data and our decades of cost research data to analyze and identify relationships between project requirements and costs. You gain insight into a defendable estimate and can maximize your ability to produce a winning bid.

Predictive PowerTM for:

Bid & Proposal BOE

Price-To-Win Analysis

Government Organizations

How do you accurately budget highly-complex projects? How can you efficiently wade through RFPs to choose the ideal bid?

Our solution first establishes internal cost targets throughout your project lifecycle. It then normalizes your bidders’ data and evaluates them using those targets. You gain insight into submissions by suppliers and the ability to more accurately assess ongoing projects.

Predictive PowerTM for:

Supplier Assessments

Budget Planning

"PRICE® provides an important view of program costs over time so that planned costs can be adjusted to comply with budgets."

Greg K. , Senior Affordability Engineer for CH-53K

"Ultimately, SPS will potentially replace more than 76 procurement legacy systems and save the DoD $403.3 million."

COL Jacob H., Program Manager, Standard Procurement System

PRICE Cost Research.
The Heart of Predictive Power.

Led by Arlene Minkiewicz, Chief Scientist

The speed and predictive power of our cost estimating solutions is driven by a team of analysts with over 200 years of cost research experience. PRICE Research develops supervised, predictive models, thought leadership and guidance to customers in the acquisition, extraction and transformation of corporate history.

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