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Why Clients Choose PRICE

See how we maximize the success rate of projects, programs and professionals with superior estimates, process integration, powerful insights and cost models and exceptional customer support.


Watch: Estimator to Executive

Learn how this former PRICE user in the aerospace and defense industry chose to continue his career with us after benefiting from our cost estimation solutions since 1985.


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Predictive Power for Supplier Assessment

PRICE Supplier Assessment is a quantitative methodology used to evaluate potential suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and developmental end items. The result of Supplier Assessment is to establish a portfolio of preferred suppliers for use mainly during the proposal process and post-award. Supplier Assessment is also applied to current suppliers to benchmark/monitor performance to evaluate if a provided quotation is a reasonable expectation prior to commencing negotiations.


Leading Expert & Global Provider
PRICE is a leading expert and provider of cost estimation solutions that maximizes the success rate of projects, programs and professionals worldwide. Our leading cost estimation solutions are used by many of the top aerospace and defense contractors, improving estimation speed, accuracy and defensibility for estimates on software and hardware projects. Easily adopted, our solutions plus decades of expertise support the success of every user in the PRICE Systems community, bringing clarity to complexity and enabling a competitive advantage.
Estimates That Drive Success
At PRICE, our leading cost estimation solutions and expertise enable professionals within federal agencies and commercial companies to estimate more projects faster and with improved accuracy. Our simple drag and drop interface and powerful cost models bring speed, accuracy and defensibility to every estimate. For nearly 50 years, our data-driven estimates have empowered organizations and professionals to budget more successfully, win more profitable deals and achieve greater ROI.
Process Integration
PRICE’s leading cost estimation solutions and expertise enable enterprise-wide process improvement. Simple to learn and easy to adopt, our solutions can be implemented from the top down to standardize the way your various departments and locations generate and talk about estimates. The software uses corporate memory to produce fast and accurate data-driven estimates, increasing your estimate confidence and improving your approval or win ratio.
Powerful Insights & Cost Models
Estimates for complex commercial and government projects often have special needs and require unique data. At PRICE, our leading cost estimation solutions and expert insights create powerful cost models that streamline the estimation process for your current bid and for similar bids in the future. With our solutions, you and your organization will benefit from decades of expertise, superior estimation speed, accuracy, defensibility, confidence and ultimately, greater ROI.
Exceptional Customer Support
Founded in 1975, PRICE understands how critical successful estimates are to the vitality of your career and organization and to the security of your state or nation. Beyond our leading cost estimation solutions and expertise, we provide exceptional customer support, knowing that our success is dependent upon yours. Our engaged leadership and dedicated solution consultants are here for you and take great pride in ensuring your success.

GAO, Boeing, Lockheed and now PRICE® Systems

Zach Jasnoff, PRICE Systems' Vice President of Professional Services, discusses his career background at U.S. GAO, Boeing Helicopter and Lockheed Martin MS2 and how PRICE Systems provided him not only credible cost estimates but extreme customer service. This customer service Zach experienced as a PRICE customer back in the 1980s and 1990s is one of the many reasons why Zach continued his career at PRICE, committing himself, with the rest of the PRICE team, to our customers' successes.

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