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Leading Expert & Global Provider

Predictive Power for Supplier Assessment

PRICE Supplier Assessment is a quantitative methodology used to evaluate potential suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and developmental end items. The result of Supplier Assessment is to establish a portfolio of preferred suppliers for use mainly during the proposal process and post-award. Supplier Assessment is also applied to current suppliers to benchmark/monitor performance to evaluate if a provided quotation is a reasonable expectation prior to commencing negotiations.


Leading Expert & Global Provider

Estimates That Drive Success

Process Integration

Powerful Insights & Cost Models

Exceptional Customer Support

GAO, Boeing, Lockheed & now PRICE® Systems

Zach Jasnoff, PRICE Systems' Vice President of Professional Services, discusses his career background at U.S. GAO, Boeing Helicopter and Lockheed Martin MS2 and how PRICE Systems provided him not only credible cost estimates but extreme customer service. This customer service Zach experienced as a PRICE customer back in the 1980s and 1990s is one of the many reasons why Zach continued his career at PRICE, committing himself, with the rest of the PRICE team, to our customers' successes.

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Benchmarking as a Basis of Estimate?

When using predictive models, any cost estimating professional will tell you that it’s best to test your estimates up with…

Care for a little Affordability with your MBE?

PRICE Cost Analytics – TruePlanning is the perfect way to do it! Model Based Engineering (MBE) environments are naturally rich…

Total Cost of Ownership for Cybersecurity: Trade-offs for Business Systems Migrating to the Commercial Cloud

Commercial businesses and government agencies are migrating significant infrastructure and workload from their in-house data centers to commercial cloud providers….

Which Software Development Estimation Errors Are You Guilty Of?

If you’re in charge of cost estimating for software development projects, there are several potential oversights you could make that…

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Customer Testimonials

"There is always someone at PRICE who can validate and add context to the data we want to put into TruePlanning - for example, whether or not our methodology and inputs are correct and why one cost driver would be more important than another for accurate results."

Erin Barkel

Financial Analyst

"PRICE provided the capability to quickly see the impact of alternative configurations and schedule on costs. That is a key benefit when trying to balance cost with customer operational requirements. In addition, PRICE provides an important view of program costs over time so that planned costs can be adjusted to comply with budgets."

Greg K.

Senior Affordability Engineer for CH-53K, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

"PRICE Systems helped by transferring their knowledge and maximizing the efficiency of tools we already had, which significantly enhanced the cost effectiveness of their engagement. Ultimately, SPS will potentially replace more than 76 procurement legacy systems and save the Department of Defense $403.3 million. Perhaps the most valuable lesson we learned was witnessing how critical stages in development could be reduced from months to weeks, following PRICE's best practices."

COL Jacob H.

Program Manager, Standard Procurement System (SPS), Dept. of Defense (DoD)