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2012 Electronics Update – New Table

By PRICE® Customer Success TeamMay 19, 2020

talked about the major research study on electronics being undertaken by the PRICE cost research team this year. So far, we have visited modern electronics facilities, interviewed electronics experts, and visited customer sites to discuss their electronics estimating challenges.

Among other things, we want to revisit and improve our “Manufacturing Complexity for Electronics” calculator. This calculator guides users through a process of describing the electronic components being modeled, in a way that helps them quantify the complexity. The first steps involve describing the equipment type, and technologies used. Here are the types of electronics we plan to provide complexity guidance for (grayed out means N/A):

Going forward, we’ll kick off a major data collection and analysis effort for the complexity study, and start looking at the implications of developing custom microcircuits, ASICs, FPGAs, and MMICs. Once we have the data, we’ll also give guidance at a “subsystem” level depending on which systems we find sufficient data for (i.e. radar system, navigation, weapon guidance, imaging, inspection, computation, sensor/detector electronics, etc.) , We want your feedback on this research because ultimately, we’re trying to help our users by giving estimation guidance on the issues they are facing.