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TruePlanning® and Power BI Project Dashboard for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Study

The different between collecting and hoarding is whether there is any thing useful can come out from that activity. In the age of information overload and unlimited storage the line between the two becomes blur. Let us demonstrate the integration of PRICE Cost Analytics™ (PCA) results in an informative and useful format for program health check or cross projects analysis.

Take our UAM study for example, each decision we make on the design and operational aspects of the aircraft will permeate across product life cycle phases from development, to production and operation and support. We utilize Microsoft Power BI to complement our advanced cost analytics for our UAM economic demonstration. PRICE’s TruePlanning® can export a project in JSON file, a format that Power BI can interpret and understand. With a little bit of time upfront setting up the dashboard, we can bring together various area of analyses into one place. By grouping and filtering the right kind of information to the right people, we can achieve higher level of agility when it comes to communication, making decision and planning purposes.

In this example dashboard, we assemble key drivers for eVTOL costs including, but not limited to, aircraft weight, number of production unit, number of deployed aircraft and monthly utilization. On the output side, total program cost, development cost, average production unit cost, engineering man-hour requirement are some of the key decision metrics that a company would like to keep an eye on as they continue to develop and mature the technology. Cost Per Flight Hour (CPFH) is another key aspect of what makes eVTOL attractive compared to traditional rotorcraft. Areas of operational elements that should be focused on can be readily investigated in the Operations and Support metrics. This dashboard is one of many ways we bring together decision support elements in a logical, useful, and timely manner — all in one place.

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