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Continuing the Tradition in Accurate Estimating: Case Study for Rotorcraft

As the earliest developer of parametric cost estimation software, PRICE® Systems was developed in the 1970s to predict the cost of military systems with considerable accuracy before the design was completed and a parts breakdown was available for cost estimation.

Seeing the benefit in the technology, usage began to spread like wildfire, starting the United States Air Force as one of the many early adopters and later spreading to other organizations in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Fast-forward to the present, and that tradition of providing accuracy lives on with our most recent Model-based Cost Engineering™ study.

The purpose of this study was to first produce a TruePlanning® template that will work for various Rotorcraft weapon systems and second, validate the quality of our research and data behind the model by comparison to program actuals.


Figure 1: Rotorcraft PBS

MBCE Rotorcraft List

Figure 2: Rotorcrafts

The work breakdown structure used for this Rotorcraft case study can be seen above in Figure 1 and along with the list of Rotorcrafts included in the study in Figure 2.

We found some major conclusions… but without showing our hand, please join us for the upcoming case study webinar showcasing the outcome in TruePlanning® and see if we produced accurate results when compared to actuals across different Rotorcraft types and with various manufacturing locations. More interesting, we will discuss the results of the study when filtering only on Rotorcrafts manufactured in the United States of America.

For more information on the Rotorcraft Template case study, please sign up for our upcoming webinar Rotorcraft Validation Case Study.