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Legendary PRICE® customer support specialist, Peter “Pete” Stanley died suddenly on December 9, 2020. Pete was well known for his gregarious nature, witty bag of jokes (self-admittedly, sometimes corny), willingness to help any PRICE comrade at a moment’s notice, and unwavering devotion to PRICE customers. He was a friend and trusted adviser to everyone in the PRICE community; customers in need of product technical assistance quickly learned that Pete always delivered for them.

Pete loved his work. After he retired from what was then Lockheed Martin PRICE® Systems, in 1998, he immediately transitioned to providing PRICE® customer service and software development support work as a contractor, active in that capacity at the time of his death.



Peter G. Stanley was born in the United Kingdom on December 17, 1940. Armed with an electrical engineering degree, Pete worked in the broadcast business in England before migrating to the USA. That experience included BBC assignments which saw Pete work alongside celebrity entertainers, including the Beatles. He worked for the RCA broadcast division for 14 years before joining the then RCA PRICE® Systems business unit in 1986.

Pete’s insistence on living a humorous life might cause the casual observer to overlook the deep, reasoned, and sometimes provocative nature of his philosophical being. These are things he freely shared with those willing to invest in knowing Pete on a personal level. His interests were many and varied – cat lover, photography expert, software developer, beta tester of Microsoft products, and favorite son of Isle of Man. Pete is survived by wife Gillian (nee Corkill), son Gary, brother Roger (Pat), and sister Christine Hudson (Ian). A man who touched many so deeply in so many ways, only the words of those he knew can begin to describe the magnitude of the hole left by his departure. Some of those thoughts follow.




“Peter, PRICE® will never be the same without you; Thank you for helping always, I think I never heard the word NO from you.” —  Georges Teologlou, Member and Head of PRICE Systems International



“In 1985 I met Pete when Boeing sent me over to PRICE® for training. You could not help but like Pete. Kind, patient, and always with a great joke. No question was too “dumb” for Pete. He would always take his time explaining until you understood. When I joined PRICE® in 1995, I immediately struck up a friendship with Pete. Over the years, Pete became my “ go-to” person when I needed help. When teaching a class, I’d often joke that if anyone stumped me, I’d “phone a friend.” That friend was always Pete. Beyond work, I’ve always enjoyed time spent with Pete. Friendly, funny and topical, you never had a dull moment. He was always there for you. On occasion, if I called him at 10PM, he would answer the phone, as “chipper” as ever. I’ll miss our times at the Mexican Food Factory. Rest well, my friend, you are dearly missed.”

      —  Zachary Jasnoff,   Vice-President Profession Services, PRICE® Systems Americas



“I am proud and lucky to have worked with Pete for over fourteen years. I loved his intelligence, humility, and especially his humor.  Pete was always good for a corny joke that was funny because of Pete’s delivery. Pete was ALWAYS available to help a customer.  Our customers LOVED Pete, and many would only talk to him when they had a challenge.  Pete had more than a little impact on the success of PRICE® Systems.  I will personally cherish the photos Pete took as an avid photographer at PRICE® events.  You will be sorely missed by so many. Rest in Peace.”

  —  Robert Becker, Vice-President PRICE® Systems Americas



“Pete Stanley you will be missed.  I personally will miss your jokes, your wit, and your humor.  I will also miss our brief talks in the coffee room.  Most of all, I will miss you always showing up for work with a desire and willingness to support our customers.  You were quite an asset for PRICE® Systems.”

  —  Dominick Cipriano, Director Business Operations, PRICE® Systems LLC



“Overwhelming thoughts of a great coworker & friend. Way too many lunches & trips together to count. So many calls, emails, meetings & projects. Always enjoyed trying to keep up with his insights & ideas. So, so many stories & jokes shared. So many people touched. Just a warm wonderful proactive personable remarkable guy. He always, always made time for anyone. Loved his work. Loved interacting with us and with our customers. I should probably be relaying some funny moments and his witty words. Right now, I just want to emulate his example of positivity & productivity. Miss you, my friend. Hope I live up to your all-in example.”

  —  John Swaren, Solutions Consultant, PRICE® Systems Americas



“Pete came up to me on my first day at PRICE® when I was on my own, and he just chatted away with me, and then said he had a joke for me, if I don’t mind it being a little off color… I said sure, go ahead.  While I don’t remember the joke, I do remember doubling over with laughter.  The most important thing I remember is the impression of himself that he gave me and thinking to myself, he is the funniest and cutest old Brit I have ever met. He made me feel welcome and comfortable.  I appreciated him very much for that!!! I have always enjoyed my chats with him, and I will miss him dearly.”

  —  Maureen Stevens, Executive Assistant, PRICE® Systems LLC



“Pete was to cost modeling what Tom Clancy was to military operations novels; a master of intricate study and understanding, able to piece public information together to weave a credible work of tangible parts to what to many is a mysterious subject. Pete’s combination of engineering background, tireless research, and deductive reasoning enabled him to construct a detailed product model of a 4MW wind turbine for a customer who could supply only a product spec sheet. The most difficult part of the engagement was convincing the customer that Pete wasn’t given details through some back channel!” 

  —  Bruce Fad, Senior Vice-President, PRICE® Systems LLC



“While on a customer visit, I witnessed Pete’s customer care at its best. A distressed modeler, having exhausted most avenues of help he knew in dealing with a challenging problem, called our help line. Pete answered the call; neither he nor the customer had worked together before. The situation was tense, and the customer insisted all present hear via speaker phone what he was sure would be a disastrous conversation. From Pete’s friendly introduction, to fact-finding questioning of circumstances, to his analytical evaluation backed by evidence, the visible calming of the customer was striking. In the end, the customer admitted surprised satisfaction with what he heard. Everyone was happy, especially me for witnessing an extreme customer care example for all in our company to follow. I worked with Pete for over thirty years: first as a peer, then as my direct report, and then always as my go-to guy in many key situations.  I will always remember, and miss dearly, his disarming humor, his deep feelings and opinions on customer service, his estimating skills, and his friendship.”

  —  Anthony DeMarco, President, PRICE® Systems LLC



“Pete Stanley whom I have known for many years, was a real old school gentleman and a wonderful coach and mentor to me over the years when I had problems in use of the PES (PRICE® Estimating Suite) and TP (TruePlanning®) lifecycle tools, a patient and forgiving person he made my work much easier on many occasions and is an undoubted loss to his work colleagues and family. Please accept my sincere condolences, he will be a hard act to follow.”

  —  Andy Nicholls, U.K Ministry of Defense Executive (Ret) and PRICE® Systems UK Ltd. (Ret).



“My most vivid memories of Pete are his incredible knowledge of hardware estimating, his great stories of his previous life travelling the world and meeting interesting people, his lunchroom jokes, and his completely eclectic eating habits.  During Pete’s stint in the Product Development, we would regularly go to the same Chinese Restaurant for lunch each Friday.  Pete would always order the same meal and then provide directions to the waiter to change almost every ingredient to something else.  Every single week!  It was rumored that Pete would order the McDonald’s Big Mac sans burger.  Pete was a vegetarian before his time! And no one who worked in our office will be surprised when I say he loved his junk food! While he may have been eclectic with food – he has always done his job with expertise, finesse and passion. Pete and I started at PRICE® the same month over 36 years ago.  I have known him longer than I have known my children.  While I cannot say that we always agreed – I can say that every encounter with him made me smarter about hardware and estimating and even software.  I learned a lot from Pete.  And while we occasionally went toe to toe when we disagreed – he would often leave with a kind word or a joke or an inquiry into my health or my family (or sometimes all three).  Pete was a gentleman above all else.  He was always willing to mentor newbies and long timers as well – sharing his years of knowledge and experience, to help track down a problem that no one else could figure out, offer sage advice for a new feature or improvement, or test our work to keep us all honest. Pete’s passing creates a huge void in PRICE®. Not only have we lost his expertise regarding PES/Hardware/Hardware Lifecycle – we have also lost a great co-worker and an incredibly decent human being.  I will miss his tutelage, knowledge, experience, wit, and kindness. Like many of us, I am still processing this – not only did this happen quite suddenly –it happened at a time when we have not been co-located for some time. Many of us have not seen Pete since March.  I have always assumed when we returned to the office everyone would return and things would go back to normal. Returning to the emptiness of Pete’s cube will be tough for all of us and will cause a new wave of sadness.”

  —  Arlene Minkiewicz, Chief Scientist, PRICE® Systems LLC