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QinetiQ FACET for TruePlanning

QinetiQ FACET for TruePlanning

A Family of Advanced Cost Estimating Models

Gain true flexibility with a mature set of cost estimating algorithms

The systematic scoping of a project to secure sufficient funding can involve countless hours and miscellaneous expenses. Some solutions on the market remain highly time-consuming, requiring users to gather and normalize data and develop algorithms to eventually produce a cost model that allows for effective project planning. FACET for TruePlanning has done the work for you, translating extensive cost research into advanced cost models that produce credible cost and schedule estimates to save you time and money and enable smart decision making.

Balance your investment and create realistic budgets for strategic decision making

The FACET for TruePlanning software supports strategic and tactical decision making by establishing realistic and appropriate defense budgets, overcoming the challenge of supplier pricing, and assessing the feasibility of high-level programmatic, performance, and design requirements. With limited information regarding your next project, FACET for TruePlanning is able to provide realistic life cycle cost estimates for pre-concept and concept phase budgeting to avoid funding constraints and tight budgets as the project progresses.

Minimize effort wasted on infeasible design concepts with alternative analysis

FACET for TruePlanning contains algorithms based on international data spanning all domains: land, maritime, air, and space. Select from more than 50 cost drivers specific to the platform you are estimating, quickly determine whether your project falls within the range of possibility, and view an early assessment of life cycle costs with FACET for TruePlanning models. Explore costs associated with viable systems that satisfy the capability statement performance need with realistic designs and find opportunities to influence life cycle costs at minimum overall project costs.

Easily compare design options with an optimized system design

Make smarter, faster decisions by comparing design options in terms of affordability and cost effectiveness. FACET for TruePlanning can rapidly generate life cycle cost for multiple platform options, including the uncertainties surrounding:

  • Research, develop test and evaluation cost
  • Production investment (PI) cost
  • Total manufacture cost
  • Unit production cost (UPC)
  • Crew cost
  • Non-crew or maintenance cost
  • FACET for TruePlanning can also predict the in-service date of the new project and therefore confirm the retirement or out-of-service date of existing assets. FACET for TruePlanning provides the following important benefits:
  • Provides the evidence to make informed strategy and policy decisions
  • Protects against future budget shortfall by generating credible, early independent cost estimates
  • Checks the credibility of performance expectations against industry anticipated design proposals
  • Enables analysis of alternative options and informs trade-offs