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Price Overview

PRICE® Overview

Cost Estimating Accuracy, Speed, Transparency, Defensibility, and Standardization

As the most experienced cost estimating company in the world, PRICE® Systems provides agile and accurate estimating solutions. We enable our clients to become better estimators, improve bid success ratio, achieve tremendous savings in analyzing effective alternatives and improving cost management, and be confident in the costs, schedules, and risk estimates of their business cases.

Our Software

PRICE’s multi-faceted cost estimating solutions help manufacturers bid more competitively; help buyers maximize budgeting, planning, and purchasing efficiency; and speed the evaluation of beneficial tradeoffs among project variables.


Our Services

Senior cost estimating experts at PRICE Systems help government and commercial clients achieve top down estimating and cost estimation systems integration, and offer a broad range of Program Affordability services.

  • Implementation Support
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Support & Maintenance


Our Impact

PRICE Systems’ parametric estimating helps organizations streamline their estimating and cost proposal processes to reduce risk, reduce cost, and increase efficiency. For more than 40 years, PRICE has impacted various industries, processes, and functional areas.

  • Improved Core Estimation Capability
  • by Industry
  • by Process
  • by Functional Area


PRICE® Milestones

Deep Roots in Parametric Estimating

Since 1969, PRICE® Systems has been collecting and analyzing data from hardware, software, aerospace, defense, and commercial/industrial projects, to refine cost models that help users develop defensible top-down estimates with speed, accuracy, transparency, and standardization.


2016 PRICE® Systems Cost Research team wins Team Achievement of the Year Award at ICEAA’s Professional Development & Training Workshop.
2014 PRICE® Systems introduces the Space Missions Catalog, which is an enhancement to NASA’s Space Missions Model, previously known as the “Chicago Cost Model” or “ChiCoMo”
2013 PRICE® Estimation Systems Integration Framework introduced; enables PRICE tools to work with
other cost management functions
2010-2013 PRICE® Systems expands with Defense organizations in Spain, Canada, and Italy
2007 Web-based training added to PRICE® University; delivers educational courses, exercises, and hands-on product training for both customers and practitioners
2006 PRICE® Systems launches IT Systems Life Cycle Cost Estimating Suite
2003 PRICE® Systems introduces TruePlanning®, a framework that integrates multiple cost models
within one system
2001 PRICE Systems’ President and CEO Anthony DeMarco selected to serve on International Space Station (ISS) Management and Cost Evaluation (IMCE) Task Force by NASA Administrator
2000-2006 PRICE® Systems expands with Defense organizations in Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and China
1998 Management buyout from Lockheed Martin; PRICE® Systems LLC formed as independent company
(Anthony DeMarco, President and CEO)
1986-1995 GE acquires RCA; RCA PRICE® Systems becomes GE PRICE® Systems under GE Aerospace division

Martin Marietta acquires GE Aerospace division; GE PRICE® Systems becomes Martin Marietta
PRICE® Systems

Lockheed Corporation merges with Martin Marietta to form Lockheed Martin; PRICE® Systems
becomes a division of Lockheed Martin

1984-1985 PRICE® Systems expands to first global offices in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany
1984 Cost forecasting and analysis technology pioneer Anthony DeMarco joins PRICE® Systems
1976-1983 PRICE® Systems introduces additional cost models: Hardware Lifecycle, Software Development,
and Microcircuit
1975 PRICE® Systems business launched within RCA; introduces first parametric Hardware Acquisition Cost Model (Frank Freiman, Founder)
1969 RCA’s Frank Freiman invents parametric cost modeling for estimating acquisition and development
of hardware systems