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MT. LAUREL, NJ / October 21, 2003 / PRICE Systems is pleased to announce that Dale Shermon, Executive Consultant, Northern Europe, recently passed the examination to become the 17th Certified ISPA Parametric Practitioner.

Dale is the first person in Europe to be awarded this prestigious certification.

At the International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) conference in Florida this year Dale Shermon sat the examination of certification in ISPA. The paper was 3 hour in duration and one hundred questions, on the Saturday following the conference. Prior to the examination he had to complete an application form stating his experience and qualifications for the ISPA Committee to consider. Having determined that he had the relevant experience he followed the training track at the conference and studied the ISPA parametric manual.

Dale Shermon - Executive Consultant
Dale Shermon is an Executive Consultant responsible for Training, Customer Support and Consultancy in Northern Europe. He reports to Grahame Jones (Manager, UK and Northern Europe).

Dale was previously working as a Cost Forecaster within Pricing and Forecasting Group (PFG) a support group of the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) part of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). He headed a cell studying submarine platform Whole Life Cycle (WLC) Costs that supported DPA project approvals. He has been parametric cost estimating since 1987.

Dale has held estimating positions in various defence and aerospace companies including. Matra Marconi Space, British Aerospace (Space Systems) Ltd, British Aerospace (Dynamics) Ltd. and Rolls-Royce Ltd. Military Engine Group. During this career he has participated in numerous proposals and studies in engineering fields as varied as satellites, missiles and aero-engines. During his period in the MOD he performed High Level Studies covering all of the armed services.

Dale has presented papers to the European meeting of Space System Cost Analysis Group (SSCAG) in Toulouse, France; the PRICE Symposium in Nice, France and Cambridge, UK also at the ISPA Conference in San Diego, California.

He has had articles published in the "Project" magazine of the Association for Project Management - "Standing up to Scrunity" (Feb 2003, Volume 15, Issue8) , "The Cost Engineer" the journal of the Association of Cost Engineers - "Benchmarking British Industry" (Feb 2003, Volume 41, No 1) and "Knowledge Management in Parametrics" (July 2002, Volume 40, No 3).

Dale has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Open University and is a member of The Association of Cost Engineers (ACostE) and The Association of Project Management (APM). Dale has a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).