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PRICE Systems Collaborates with Telecolote Research to Release a Single-Interface PRICE-ACE Plug-in to ACEIT Suite

MT. LAUREL, NJ / September 23, 2005 / PRICE Systems is pleased to announce that Tecolote Research, Inc., developer of Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT), has released a PRICE-ACE plug-in that uses a single interface to seamlessly integrate PRICE H/HL and PRICE S with the ACEIT suite of tools.

ACEIT users benefit from this latest and most advanced release of PRICE-ACE integration with new capabilities to obtain more timely and accurate results when performing cost analysis. The new PRICE-ACE plug-in automatically adjusts for inflation when assigning the PRICE cost values. When an analyst changes an estimate in PRICE, cost values are appropriately and automatically updated throughout the entire ACE project estimate.

The PRICE-ACE plug-in allows ACEIT users to import critical information from PRICE H/HL or PRICE S into an ACE session. Users have the flexibility to select specific WBS items from one or more PRICE H/HL or PRICE S project estimates and import directly into the ACE session for critical cost estimates and documentation in the context of a larger, overall cost model.

This release of the PRICE-ACE plug-in reflects a change in philosophy by PRICE and Tecolote. Previous releases permitted the ACE user to change a PRICE parameter from within ACE and cause PRICE to refresh the results dynamically. Responding to feedback from the field, the companies removed that capability with this release. Instead, the plug-in redirects the focus of conducting "what-if" drills in PRICE to the PRICE user to improve configuration control of the cost estimate.

"The integration of PRICE and ACEIT provides a value-add to customers who use both PRICE cost models and ACEIT," says Anthony DeMarco, President, PRICE Systems. "This new release of the PRICE-ACE plug-in provides a single interface to change parameters in one or more PRICE files, and be confident that they are accurately and automatically reflected in the associated ACEIT project file."

PRICE Systems has a long history of working with Tecolote in the development of such tools.

PRICE-ACE is available through Tecolote. ACEIT customers with current DMS (Distribution, Maintenance, and Support), can access this plug-in at (Support> Downloads> Plug-ins) to download the install file and user guide.