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PRICE Systems Helps Global Organizations Control IT Costs

Fortune 500 Companies Leverage PRICE Systems Best-Estimating-Practices to Improve IT Portfolio Management

MT. LAUREL, New Jersey - August 15, 2006 - PRICE Systems, world leader in Affordability Management Solutions, announced that the company's Commercial IT Practice has been successful in helping global organizations control cost of managing their IT project portfolios. Using PRICE Systems' IT portfolio estimating solutions, Fortune 500 companies like CSC, IBM, Accenture, Fidelity Investments, and Crédit Agricole have realized a 30% higher return on IT investments while putting 80% less effort into their IT estimating.

"In today's fiercely competitive markets, financial and IT executives must be equipped to accurately predict and monitor IT expenditures, clearly understand risk versus value, and ensure project success," said PRICE Systems' President and CEO, Anthony DeMarco. "Rather than base IT initiatives on over-optimistic proposals and speculation, PRICE enables decision-making based on non-advocate, risk-adjusted estimates using unbiased metrics, benchmarks, and cost models."

Fortune 500 companies realize that effective IT governance depends upon accurate, disciplined cost estimating practices. PRICE Systems offers IT portfolio estimating solutions that empower decision-makers with credible answers.

With PRICE's IT estimating solutions, companies establish a common framework and language across their enterprise to estimate, evaluate, and control IT investments, which provides a true picture of risk tolerances, performance, and value at executive, division, and project levels. Key performance indicators such as IT Alignment, IT Resource Management, IT Spend Management & Transformation, IT Risk Management, and IT Performance Monitoring and Improvement must have a solid cost, schedule, and risk estimating discipline to successfully manage IT programs.

"Effective IT governance is not possible without the ability to make visible to all stakeholders such things as resource usage, financials, program and project status, and organizational processes," said David P. Seaver, Technical Director of the Commercial IT Practice at PRICE Systems. "By implementing PRICE Systems' IT Portfolio estimating solutions, businesses will no longer be vulnerable to launching IT projects with inaccurate estimates and quantification of risks or to lack of visibility into project performance."

PRICE Systems' IT Portfolio estimating solutions combine expertise, tools and benchmarks for accurate estimates and total cost control of IT projects and represents more than 30 years of market experience in managing costs and resources for complex IT initiatives. It enables commercial enterprises to eliminate guesswork from IT forecasts and accurately predict how much a program will cost and what type of ROI they can expect, significantly improving business performance by driving sustainable revenue growth and controlling costs with more effective IT systems.