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PRICE Introduces TrueSystems 2007 Catalog for System of Systems Scalability

MT. LAUREL, NJ / January 31, 2007 / PRICE Systems, world leader in Program Affordability Management solutions, announced release of a new cost objects catalog, TrueSystems 2007, that equips PRICE users with a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost modeling framework for System of Systems (SoS) initiatives. TrueSystems 2007 is included in the January release of the PRICE TruePlanning® 2007 software update to customers, which also features numerous other enhancements to the company's TruePlanning and PRICE Estimating Suite products.

The Department of Defense has migrated from a platform-based acquisition strategy to one focused on capabilities. Instead of delivering a fighter aircraft or an unmanned air vehicle, contractors are now being asked to deliver the right collection of hardware and software to meet specific wartime challenges. This means that much of the burden associated with conceptualizing, architecting, integrating, implementing and deploying complex capabilities into the field has shifted from desks in the Pentagon to desks at large aerospace and defense contractors. The projects, often referred to as System of Systems (SoS), are large- scale inter-disciplinary endeavors with multiple, heterogeneous, distributed systems embedded in networks at multiple levels and multiple domains. Responsive SoS cost, schedule and risk estimating requires an agile, integrated framework of models.

PRICE Systems' latest release of PRICE TruePlanning® 2007, with a beta version of a new TrueSystems 2007 Catalog, provides this framework. With TruePlanning 2007, PRICE users can estimate heterogeneous systems containing hardware, software, commercial-off-the-shelf IT components and custom cost components within an easy-to-use common estimating framework.

The TrueSystems 2007 Catalog is a special collection of cost objects designed to provide system and program level cost information for cost objects from other TruePlanning catalogs. Users can model entire programs using costs objects representing Assembly and System activities, as well as Throughput cost objects such as for subcontracted labor and facilities costs which are not estimated by the other TruePlanning catalogs.

The TrueSystems 2007 Catalog includes:

  • Assembly cost objects for modeling system level requirements, design, hardware, software, and hardware to software integration
  • System cost objects for modeling project management, quality assurance, configuration management and vendor management
  • Limitless possibilities for the number of systems that can be modeled and the level of detail to which each system can be modeled
  • Specific inputs to control the amount of effort associated with hardware and software integrations at each assembly so calculations can be effectively moderated for each step of the process
  • Specific inputs to calibrate Assembly and System level activities to represent a particular organization's business practices and processes
  • Specific inputs to model the System Engineering and Project Management complexities associated with a complex system or System of Systems, including number of requirements, number of unique interfaces, number of operational scenarios, requirements stability, and the number of vendors involved in the program.