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PRICE Systems Delivers Affordability Simulation with TruePlanning 2007 Modeling Companions

Updated Offering Empowers Engineers to Seamlessly Evaluate Cost in Real Time Within the Modeling and Simulation Environment

MT. LAUREL, NJ / August 7, 2007 / PRICE Systems, L.L.C., the world leader in cost estimating and analysis solutions, today announced the launch of TruePlanning® 2007 Modeling Companions, a series of "add-ins" enabling integration and interoperability between engineering tools and the TruePlanning framework to effectively conduct affordability simulation. Starting with Parametric Technology Corporation's (PTC) Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire® 3.0, Phoenix Integration's PHX ModelCenter® 7.0 and 7.1, and Engineous' iSIGHT- FD®, PRICE Systems developed a complete line of fully integrated TruePlanning Modeling Companions. The result allows engineers to rapidly produce designs optimized for both performance and cost.

"Our 'Modeling Companion' approach produces an industry framework and standard capable of cost interoperability with any model within the product lifecycle, based on an enterprise-wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concept," said PRICE Systems President Anthony DeMarco. "This approach offers engineers the ability to trade capabilities - risk, schedule, and cost - in system design and conduct acquisition simulations. This also provides program managers a quantitative, repeatable methodology to understand cost tradeoffs and ultimately produce better decisions."

TruePlanning 2007 Modeling Companions allows cost estimators and engineers to simultaneously work on designs to produce optimized, best value solutions. For example, the Affordability Companion for Pro/ENGINEER has the ability to evaluate an engineering design based on existing model parameters, automatically send, with few additional inputs, the dataset to TruePlanning for cost evaluation, and return results directly within the Pro/ENGINEER application. This provides the ability to trade off between performance and cost before companies establish unaffordable designs.

"The Pro/ENGINEER Affordability Companion represents an intelligent interface integrated directly into Pro/ENGINEER for cost evaluations," said Andy Barlow, senior director, business development, PTC. "The Affordability Companion for Pro/ENGINEER provides a new, automated, and repeatable way for engineers to assess the cost impacts of their design decisions from within the Pro/ENGINEER environment. Currently, PRICE Systems is a Silver Tier Partner in the PTC Partner Advantage™ Program and plans to further extend the capabilities of the Affordability Companion with the PTC product line."

In addition to affordability companions for ModelCenter 7.0 and iSIGHT-FD, PRICE Systems created a complete simulation and optimization environment, allowing for robust and visual cost as an independent variable (CAIV) analysis.

"The Affordability Companion for ModelCenter 7.0 gives engineers an unprecedented ability to treat cost as another design parameter providing for a robust trade space," said Phoenix Integration CEO Scott Woyak. "The ultimate outcome, of course, is design optimized for both cost and performance."

The TruePlanning 2007 Modeling Companions solution set consists of:

  • TruePlanning Affordability Companion plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
  • TruePlanning Affordability Companion plug-in for ModelCenter 7.0
  • TruePlanning Affordability Companion plug-in for iSIGHT-FD
  • Additional Web-based training and portal applications available later this year

"The capability represented with the Affordability Companions now gives organizations the ability to evolve from merely estimating total cost of ownership to total cost knowledge across the entire lifecycle," said PRICE Systems Director of Development Projects Zachary Jasnoff.

In the coming months, PRICE Systems plans to roll out additional capabilities for TruePlanning 2007 Modeling Companions. According to Jasnoff, "the corporate orientation of PRICE Systems is to provide the greatest degree of cost interoperability with as many design and optimization tools as possible."