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PRICE Systems Offers Enhancements and New Features to TruePlanning 2007

Upgraded Features Enable Quicker, More Accurate Cost, Schedule, and Risk Estimates

MT. LAUREL, NJ / December 13, 2007 / PRICE Systems, L.L.C., the world leader in cost estimating and analysis solutions, today announced new features and enhancements to its TruePlanning® 2007 framework. Released in June 2007, TruePlanning 2007 is a complete suite of integrated cost models and benchmarks, along with powerful, fast knowledge management, which enables the cost, schedule, and risk management estimation and analysis of product and IT system lifecycles.

"We designed these latest enhancements for TruePlanning 2007 to empower our customers to better plan and manage their most critical projects," said PRICE Systems President Anthony DeMarco. "Armed with both the most accurate, up-to-date data available, along with greater speed, flexibility, and robust integration features, our world-wide customer base — which ranges from commercial enterprises and financial institutions to government agencies and aerospace and defense firms — can now make the crucial, enterprise-wide decisions necessary to keep their projects on time and on budget."

New Enhancements: Increased Speed, Better Results

Enhancements to the already-robust TruePlanning 2007 framework include:

  • Microsoft Excel Importing - This new development enables users to import an Excel spreadsheet automatically into TruePlanning.
  • Activity and Resource Sets - This enhancement gives users the ability to customize resource data in the context of a particular activity. It also allows users to edit unit cost and multiplier data for a single resource without having all occurrences of that resource affected.
  • Revised Manufacturing Complexity for Structure Conceptual Calculator - The revised calculator allows increased usability, displaying only one column to allow users to overwrite or adjust any default values directly in the same value field. This provides users with direct access to an Operating Specification selector and a Machinability Index selector.

New Features: Increased Flexibility, Greater Accuracy

Further, TruePlanning 2007 now can more easily integrate with other tools. Its integration with Parametric Technology Corporation's (PTC) Pro/Engineer allows engineers to keep cost considerations in mind when creating a design that meets requirements. A Pro/E user with a TruePlanning license can have TruePlanning develop a complete estimate of his or her design product with a few simple clicks. This capability is provided by the Affordability Companion, a Pro/E plug-in developed by PRICE Systems. This integration further strengthens PRICE Systems' Silver Partner relationship with PTC.

In addition, TruePlanning includes new features, such as:

  • TruePlanning Enterprise Installation - This capability allows users to install TruePlanning in distributed and secure environments. The Enterprise Installation splits the TruePlanning installation into two separate installations: a database installation and a server installation.
  • Excel Solution (BETA) - A beta version of Excel Solution is now available allowing users to connect to a server and import TruePlanning project data directly into Excel to perform post processing and analysis.
  • Project Center Web - Project managers can now obtain an overview of project status by signing onto the Project Center Web to search for current projects or to view the properties of each project.
  • Microsoft Project Integration - TruePlanning's integration with Microsoft Project allows users to customize schedule information throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. With this capability, users can send TruePlanning data to Microsoft Project for further modification and analysis then import back to TruePlanning to recalculate the estimate based on the new schedule constraints.
  • Added Fast Function Point Calculator - The Software Component and Software Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) cost objects now have a Fast Function Point calculator to calculate new code size and functional size values. The Fast Function Point calculator uses a specially-developed technique to estimate function point size based on high level design concepts of a system by counting transaction entities and data entities.
  • New Programming Languages - The TruePlanning Software estimation module now supports the following languages: Asp.NET, Python, PHP, C#, MySQL, and VHDL.

"Our latest upgrades to TruePlanning 2007 solidifies our intent to deliver a truly enterprise-wide, deployable tool that delivers quick, accurate project costs estimations for both IT and product lifecycles, thus mitigating risks," said DeMarco. "Further, we received economic data support from Finland, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, which we leveraged to update our resource pools to reflect new labor rates and recent escalation data."