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PRICE Executive Honored with Frank Freiman Parametric Estimating Award for Record of Accomplishment

ST. LOUIS, MO  / June 5, 2009 / At the 2009 ISPA SCEA Awards Dinner, PRICE Systems Executive Consultant, Dale Shermon, was awarded the society's highest honor, when he was presented with the Frank Freiman Award. The award, given to an individual recognized for excellence in the field of parametric cost estimation, was presented for just the 18th time in its 27 year history.

It is a complete surprise and honor to be the 1st recipient of the Freiman Award outside of the US. "I could not have achieved this without the hard work and support of the PRICE Systems' staff or the challenges which are provided by my magnificent customers," said Shermon, who works for PRICE Systems UK. Freiman candidates are expected to have left a legacy to the profession over at least a five year period and can receive the award only once in a lifetime. The award was named to honor Frank Freiman for his pioneering work in the development of parametric cost estimating models and for his role in the founding of the society.

Mr. Shermon, who is set to release his first book, Systems Cost Engineering, at the beginning of August, is the 2nd representative from PRICE Systems that has received the award. PRICE Systems founder and President Anthony DeMarco was given a Freiman in 1997.