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"Systems Cost Engineering:" A New Bible of Parametric Modeling

Mt. Laurel, NJ / August 24, 2009 / "Systems Cost Engineering," from Gower Publishing (, is described by its author as "a new bible of parametric modeling," an estimating method that uses parameters to define the size and geometry of features and to create relationships between them.

Dale Shermon, a senior executive consultant with Price Systems (, a company that provides estimating software solutions and services to government agencies, aerospace and defense companies and commercial organizations, said he wrote the book to help cost engineers, project managers and program directors better understand and apply parametrics to achieve greater success with complex projects.

"The information in this book gives project sponsors and bid managers confidence in the business case they're developing, enabling them to communicate a clear and transparent picture of the risks, opportunities and benefits," said Shermon, who has been a planner, estimator and cost engineer for organizations such as Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace and the Ministry of Defense (U.K.) He was recently awarded the Frank Freiman Award by the Society for Cost Estimating and Analysis. The society's highest honor, the award is given to an individual recognized for excellence in the field of parametric cost estimation.

Subtitled "Program Affordability Management and Cost Control," the book gives real-life examples in a variety of industries that illustrate how the application of parametrics can provide a detailed guide to the rationale and value of cost engineering. "By applying the principles described in this book, readers can ensure that projects are never initiated with insufficient funding because of inaccurate estimates nor diverted from their objective because of a lack of credible cost management," Shermon said.

Systems Cost Engineering (ISBN: 978-0-566-08861-2) costs $135 and is available from the publisher, Gower Publishing