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PRICE Executive Consultant Awarded Full Scholarship to the International Space University’s (ISU) Executive MBA program.

Ruesselsheim, Deutschland / September 3, 2009 / PRICE Systems is very pleased to announce that the International Space University (ISU) has awarded the first full scholarship for their new Executive Master of Business Administration program to PRICE Executive Consultant, Fabian Eilingsfeld.

Mr. Eilingsfeld’s academic and professional achievements within the space community were the main factors to the ISU’s award of this inaugural scholarship. In 2002, the ISU recruited Mr. Eilingsfeld to teach for the University based on his background in space engineering (MSc, PhD).  As a consultant with PRICE Systems, Mr. Eilingfeld continues to be an active PRICE ambassador within the space community with more than twenty published reports, technical papers, and peer reviewed articles on different space topics.

About the ISU Executive MBA Program
The ISU's MBA program was developed at the request of its alumni to adapt to the needs of space professionals in similarly complex businesses. This unique program is the only international executive MBA program dedicated solely to space studies. The program will allow students to continue their career while bringing them in contact with highly respected professors and experienced space professionals. The Executive MBA Program features a unique set of six tailored modules addressing management, leadership and strategic development.

Since 1987, ISU has graduated over 2400 students from 93 countries. Its faculty members include former astronauts, cosmonauts, spacecraft engineers, scientists, and experts in space law and policy. ISU is a holder of an academic license for the PRICE Estimating Suite and TruePlanning.