PredictivePower for Advanced Technology Planning

Aeronautical, Space and Defense offerings involve high-end technologies and engineering, as well as complex manufacturing and systems integration processes. A&D customer demands are evolving rapidly and changing regularly. To succeed in the current era of rapidly changing technologies, companies need to constantly focus on innovating their products and service offerings. It is also very important for these companies to provide infrastructure which fosters innovation through funding in-house research and development.

Some technologies and processes that these companies use are decades old; they will need to upgrade these technologies as well as invest in new and advanced technologies to stay competitive. In addition, advanced technology firms need to improve engineering processes to improve time-to-market. Cost estimation is one of these processes that is entirely too expensive and takes too long. Specifically, cost estimation for advanced technology planning is one of these processes that is not served well by traditional estimation methodologies. Affordability Engineering has finally “earned a seat” at the table of engineering “-ilities” and is optimized by improving cost estimation as early as possible in the technology lifecycle.

PRICE Cost Analytics provides next generation capabilities for the analysis of cost when little specific information is available or known about the project and only high-level requirements are identified. Our proven implementation methodology for organizational alignment to the advanced technology ROM process accommodates benchmarking past performance and the analysis of people, process, tools and data.

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