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Affordability Analysis – Guest Blog

By PRICE® Customer Success TeamMarch 31, 2021

Guest Blog by Bill Williamson, Insight Global, Raytheon I&S

In today’s design environment the customer has become very cost-aware! The cost of a product has become a design parameter equal in importance to both schedule and performance.

As cost estimators, knowing the requirements of an Affordability/Design-to-Cost (DTC) Program and how to estimate the cost of a product through all program phases to support the balancing of Schedule, Performance, and Cost is paramount! Providing the customer with a product they will consider a value is an absolute necessity. Value is defined as meeting customer requirements for product quality, delivery schedule, performance, and cost.

On April 21st 2021 I will be presenting a webinar to talk about how PRICE® TruePlanning® can be used to support Program Affordability/DTC Requirements.

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Program Affordability/DTC Requirements are:

• Affordability/DTC Program Plan
• Product and Phase Related Cost Models
• DTC Target Cost Goals and IPT Assignment
• Target Cost Goal Metrics and Tracking
• Cost Reduction Initiatives
• Cost Trade Studies


In brief, the PRICE® TruePlanning® model allows quick high-level and detailed estimating of commercial and government products while allowing cost modelers to:

•Build Worksheet Sets using their own Rates and Factors
•Run what-if scenarios for comparing product features/designs
•Look at Development, Production, and Operation and Support costs
•Track product/design changes through Notes and Attachments
•Support all Affordability/DTC Program Plan Requirements

This upcoming webinar will discuss the requirements of a DTC Program and how PRICE® TruePlanning® supports these requirements. As part of this webinar, you will learn about establishing, allocating, and tracking target costs, treating cost as a design parameter, and exploring the trade space for optimizing cost/performance. We will also discuss effective strategies for transition to an Affordability/DTC culture.