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Be a Project Management Hero

By Arlene MinkiewiczMay 18, 2020

Like many others, I was astonished last Thursday by the images on my browser of those 155 extremely lucky people standing in the Hudson River. And they certainly were very lucky last Thursday. If you’re destined to fly on a flight bound for collision with birds, you want it to be piloted by a hero like Captain Sullenberger. The incident made me think about what a hero is and how we all have the opportunities to be heroic in our chosen professions.

According to Wikipedia, a hero refers to a character that, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage and the will for self-sacrifice. As a project manager you may not encounter danger daily, at least of a physical nature, but you certainly deal with adversity on many levels. And courage is essential!

A heroic project manager is one who makes project decisions based on facts and who stands behind those decisions. He or she defends the project team from those who wish to impose unrealistic deadlines and stands up to those who want to abuse or ignore the Project Management Triangle. In order to be heroic, a project manager needs to have the tools necessary to plan a project right the first time as well as manage it with agility as situations change. TruePlanning from PRICE Systems is just such a tool. TruePlanning® is the world’s leading solution for software cost estimation and IT Project Planning. It gives project mangers the cost estimates they need to plan projects successfully and the courage necessary to defend those numbers to the naysayers.

Although the use of TruePlanning is unlikely to lead to instant fame or enable people to walk on water, a project manager who uses it regularly will be a hero to the team!