for Bid & Proposal

For more than forty-five years PRICE has developed and supported cost estimating solutions to support and win countless programs for nearly every aerospace and defense company throughout the world. This includes supporting processes across the life cycle such as Early Concept estimating, Price-to-Win, ROMs, Bid and Proposal, Should-Costs, Trade Studies and more.

As systems have become more powerful and complex in response to changing requirements, our estimation solutions have become more sophisticated, flexible and powerful. In anticipation of the need for advanced cost estimating solutions that estimate all domains of technology (hardware, software, microcircuits, etc.) in a single, integrated estimate (or system-of-systems), PRICE invested in the evolution of the discipline: PRICE Cost Analytics (PCA).

PCA is an integrated suite of applications with the unique ability to represent historical cost benchmarks, as calibrated supervised predictive models (cost objects in Activity Based Costing vernacular), in an integrated product breakdown structure, without losing traceability and visibility to the historical data.

This powerful and unique capability enables organizations to rapidly and accurately estimate the cost, schedule and uncertainty across project phases regardless of product, project or program size, or complexity. Our library of supervised predictive models is based on decades of cost research, process expertise and subject-matter expertise. Out of the box, we provide the most powerful Should Cost capability in the world. When combined with your proprietary historical data, PCA parametric bidding promises to revolutionize the Bid and Proposal Process.

Our consultants provide unparalleled expertise in the implementation and support of PCA for Bid & Proposal. If doing “more with less” has made business pursuit painful, ask us how the speed and predictive power of PCA can save your firm 40%-60% of RFP response costs over traditional bottom-up methodologies and provide the basis for more accurate estimation.

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In addition to rapidly estimating anything from a single component to systems-of-systems, PRICE Cost Analytics also provides the ability to:

  • Rapidly map to DoD 881C/D formats for customer reporting requirements
  • Play well with others – our powerful API enables
    • Integration with proposal systems like ProPricer®
    • Enterprise Data Integration
    • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Analyze historical data to understand relationships between requirements and cost, with traceability to historical data for improved defensibility and credibility
  • Generate a cost optimized Microsoft Project file for efficient integration with program management
  • Model could cost of competitors or subcontractors rapidly (unlimited rate decks)
  • Publish your Microsoft Excel-based models in the TruePlanning framework for standardization and oversight