eLearning Courses for PRICE Cost Analytics

for Bid & Proposal

Bid with Speed and Accuracy While Cutting Preparation Costs by 40-80%

Maximize your budget with the speed and power of predictive cost analytics by swiftly estimating from single components to systems-of-systems and everywhere in between. PRICE Cost Analytics™ (PCA) harnesses decades of research and benchmarks as a foundational predictive model. Combined with your proprietary data, PCA rapidly and accurately estimate costs, schedules and uncertainty while maintaining data transparency and traceability. Assess more projects, evaluate cost-saving, and win more business.

Leverage PCA to:

  • Rapidly map to DoD 881C/D formats for customer reporting requirements
  • Analyze historical data to understand relationships between requirements and cost
  • Model should cost of competitors or subcontractors with unlimited rate decks
  • API integration for proposal systems, enterprise data and model-based systems engineering
  • Generate a detailed Basis of Estimate (BOE) in minutes, not weeks or months