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Artificial Intelligence Changing the Way Businesses Do Business

In 1956 John McCarthy, a professor at Dartmouth college, invited a group of colleagues to gather for a summer workshop. …

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Why Benchmarking is the Right Thing to Do!

Would you use only industry average labor-rates, if you have your own? Of course not! If you have your own…

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My Own Personal Kelley Blue Book®

Late last year, I was notified by my mechanic that my 1999 Isuzu Rodeo was going to die soon. Isuzu…

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Technologies to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

According to Gartner – “a strategic technology trend is one with substantial disruptive potential on the cusp of breaking out…

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Japan International Aerospace Exhibition, JA2018 in Tokyo

Every day, we hear of another government data breach from cyber attacks.  Worldwide defense agencies are not immune.  I recently…

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Cost Drivers of CubeSats

If you closely follow space exploration, or read Solution Analyst Melissa Winter’s recent blog post found here, you’ve heard of…

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Agile for Space and Safety Critical Software

Back in the day, software developers were too busy trying to keep their card decks in order and waiting in…

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Care for a little Affordability with your MBE?

PRICE Cost Analytics – TruePlanning is the perfect way to do it! Model Based Engineering (MBE) environments are naturally rich…

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Which Software Development Estimation Errors Are You Guilty Of?

If you’re in charge of cost estimating for software development projects, there are several potential oversights you could make that…

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Total Cost of Ownership for Cybersecurity: Trade-offs for Business Systems Migrating to the Commercial Cloud

Commercial businesses and government agencies are migrating significant infrastructure and workload from their in-house data centers to commercial cloud providers….

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