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But We’re Agile, We Don’t Have to Estimate (Or Do We?)

The conundrum around software estimation is that at the point at which initial estimates are expected, the information about the…

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Simplified Function Points

Recently, I have done research into finding a faster but still reliable way to calculate software sizing. The IFPUG Function…

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UAM Demand Forecast using GIS Tool (and webinar link)

Geographical information system (GIS) is widely used to perform visualization of data that is better suited to be presented in…

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TruePlanning® and Power BI Project Dashboard for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Study

The different between collecting and hoarding is whether there is any thing useful can come out from that activity. In…

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The Future of Travel with Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

The current global pandemic has impacted the aviation landscape in a dramatic way. We may never travel the same way…

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PRICE® Research: 2020 Outlook for Commercial & Government Organizations

The PRICE® Research team has just completed the finishing touches on new modeling capabilities that will be available soon with…

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Can’t use the Zoom application… We found a solution

We have heard some concerns from contacts and customers who are interested in attending the PRICE® webinars but their organizations…

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Labor Rates Webinar Pre-requisite: TruePlanning®Refresher

Before our webinar on labor rates, let’s have a short refresher on TruePlanning®. TruePlanning® is an estimating framework, that is a…

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Labor Rates, Upcoming Webinar

Due to overwhelming interest in the labor rate blog series, we will be delivering a webinar on the topic on May…

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Looking to Add Value? See the Added Value with Common Element Models

***UPCOMING WEBINAR — LEARN MORE HERE*** Good morning class! Today, we will focus on the purpose and use of the…

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