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Almighty Estimation

I have to say that my foray into blogging has been an interesting one.  By definition, the Chief Scientist should…

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Does Your Estimating System Pass the Test?

Doing business with the Department of Defense (DOD) requires that you have disciplined company governance in specific areas as noted…

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2009 Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act

The US Department of Defense (DOD) continues to be plagued with cost overruns on major weapons systems.  Last month Senators Carl…

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Be a Project Management Hero

Like many others, I was astonished last Thursday by the images on my browser of those 155 extremely lucky people…

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Is accurate estimating harder than rocket science?

Today, change is in the air.  As I write this, Barack Obama is about to be sworn in as our…

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On Gift Wrapping and Learning Curves- Happy Holidays 2008

This was a fun and gratifying week at PRICE Systems. In our Mt. Laurel, NJ headquarters we had our annual holiday…

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Two inventions short of success

Technology readiness is a critical cost driver of development programs.  Many high technology programs fail because initial cost and schedule…

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Standardizing on estimating software can help you communicate in this global economy

As I prepare my remarks for the first PRICE Systems International Symposium and User Group Meeting in Asia hosted by…

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Wait! Do some measurement before you cut

While many at Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG are staggering from the Wall Street financial crisis, others on the acquisition…

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Get it right the first time, but don’t forget the good, the bad, and the ugly

A good point is made in a comment to my last post, Chris Carter says, “As estimators I think it…

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