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Agile Development and Software Estimation

Martin Woodward ‘s comparison of software development to Sudoku does an excellent job of explaining why software cost estimation is hard.  We…

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The Silver Bullet: Practice Makes Perfect

“Anonymous person” had a great comment to my recent post on getting it “right the first time”.  He notes that…

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Estimating Accuracy Improves Productivity

Productivity refers to measures of output from production processes, per unit of input. The labor and materials that go into a…

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Estimating Accuracy Drives Profitability

Nothing drives me crazier than the statement I get from many of our clients during that first meeting, “We are…

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Estimating Accuracy Drives Revenue Growth

Whether you are pricing a competitive bid, or you are trying to get a new product to market, estimating accuracy will…

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Why am I here?

If you are a baby-boomer like me and occasionally suffer from symptoms of mid-life crises it is important to answer…

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