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Cloud Computing and the DoD

Check out this article about the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and their cloud computing strategy.  With the DOD’s ever increasing focus…

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Computing in the clouds?

If I Google the phrase “cloud computing” I get about 49,900,000 hits.  That’s a lot of hits – more than…

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Cloud Nine – Are We There Yet?

In 1961 at the MIT Centennial, John McCarthy opined “if computers of the kind I have advocated become the computers of…

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Design, construction and testing requirements for space

What follows is the PRICE® interpretation of the DOD-HDBK-343, which addresses design, construction and testing requirements for a type of space equipment. Within the…

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Cost Estimating Rules of Thumb for 2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the New England SCEA Chapter December. The attendees were a great mix…

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25+ Years of Software Estimating

Last week I attended the 25th International Forum on COCOMO and Systems/Software Cost Modeling.  I attended for several reasons.  First…

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TruePlanning® Software Tip: Using the Calibration Tool

Recently we came across the word “off-label”.  It is the term used by the medical community when a drug is used to…

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Targeting Affordability 2010

Earlier this month Under Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, spoke at the 2010 Annual Air and Space Conference. His speech…

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Basic Needs for Successful Software Estimation

You NEED 3 things for your software estimates to be successful ,but 4 things if you want it to be…

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Budgeting with TruePlanning®

I recently moved and thought about the need to do a new household budget. This got me to thinking of the budgeting capability…

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