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Check out PRICE’s Cost Research Analyst Service

By Arlene MinkiewiczMay 18, 2020

Earlier this week I conducted a webinar intended to make PRICE® users aware of the Cost Research Services available to them as part of the license fee they pay to use PRICE® products. I thought I would recap the highlights of this webinar for those of you who might have missed it.

At PRICE we understand that cost estimating tools, while useful and valuable, do not always present the complete solution. Every single cost estimation projects presents new and unique challenges. We think it’s important that in addition to solid, time trusted cost estimating models, our users have access to the many years of experience we have as seasoned cost estimators, subject matter experts and operations researchers.

This service is nothing new. For the 30 years that PRICE has been in existence, we have worked as partners with our customers to optimize their use of our models and methodologies. This was just an opportunity to formalize the offerings and remind the community what services are available.

So what does the Cost Research team at PRICE have to offer the cost estimating community? On average our researchers have more than 24 years of experience with hardware estimating, software estimating, operations research or some combination of the three. We are constantly engaged in cost research projects addressing market needs as they arise. The results of these studies vary depending on the need they attempt to address. In some cases, data collection indicates custom models should be developed. These can be developed and deployed in TruePlanning, the flexible cost estimating framework. Some results are published as updates to tables or calculators in the PRICE Software and Hardware cost estimation models. White papers, webinars and the PRICE blog are all means we use to communicate the results of cost research studies.

PRICE’s Cost Research Team is available 24/7 to address users cost estimating question on an as needed basis. Some issues require more attention than a single phone call. Users are encouraged to schedule working sessions with one or more of our analysts to take a deeper dive into cost estimating issues that perplex or intrigue them. Some areas the team is currently studying include Total Ownership Costs, Joint Confidence Level, Performanced based models for technologies such as FPGAs and ASICs, semi-rigid cables, and Operations and Support costs for space systems.

The most important thing the cost research team at PRICE wants to do is make our clients better estimators while adding value to the cost estimating community as a whole. We can’t do this without input from our clients. Share your cost estimating challenges with us. Call, email or comment on our blog. 856-608-7201