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Cloud Computing and the DoD

By Arlene MinkiewiczMay 19, 2020

Check out this article about the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and their cloud computing strategy. With the DOD’s ever increasing focus on affordability moving eligible capabilities to the cloud is an excellent plan for the government. DISAs strategy includes the consolidation of data centers and network operations centers and the migration of 1.4 million Army email accounts to the cloud.

Cloud computing allows organizations to utilize applications, platforms and hardware through the Internet (or some other network) rather than having to purchase or lease these items. Cloud computing offers opportunities for cost savings through virtualization and consolidation. Using the public cloud (the Internet) offers additional cost savings as there are many users sharing the costs of services – driving down the cost per user.

DISA has been designated as the Enterprise Cloud Service Broker for the DOD. A cloud service broker is a third part company that manages cloud services for a cloud service consumer across multiple vendors and platforms. Cloud service consumers generally have to deal with multiple cloud service providers – meaning they have to manage multiple relationships, multiple contracts and they have to deal with interoperability issues. The cloud broker mitigates this effect by understanding the consumer’s requirements and tailoring a solution that meets those requirements while dealing directly with the vendors to craft this solution. Cloud service brokers are experts in understanding cloud services and knowing the specifics of many cloud service providers. Darly Plummer, managing vice president and Garner Fellow at Gartner sees cloud brokerage as a “must have” for most organizations.

Has your company started a migration into the cloud and are they taking advantage of Cloud Service Brokers?