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Harness Model-Based Cost Engineering™,
predictive analytics, and process integration

Industries competing for and performing on DoD, government, and commercial contracts face common challenges when generating estimates throughout the lifecycle of a program. For many, the costing process is time-consuming, expensive, and overly dependent on the knowledge and experience of SMEs nearing retirement.

Simple solutions to learn, easy to adopt

PRICE Cost Analytics™ uses a unique Model-Based Cost Engineering™ (MBCE™) technology to systematically harness your historical data and expertise for enterprise-wide process integration. Our solutions can be implemented to standardize the way your various departments and locations generate and talk about estimates—from Bid/No-Bid Analysis to Basis-of-Estimate.


We give you the resources to successfully execute

Innovation since 1975

For nearly 50 years, we have empowered organizations and professionals to budget more successfully, win more profitable business, and achieve greater ROI.


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Power™ of PRICE Cost Analytics™

Our 4-step process demonstrates a proof-of-value in your
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