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As the most experienced cost estimating company in the world, PRICE® Systems provides agile and accurate estimating solutions through the PRICE Cost Analytics Suite of software, with the keystone being TruePlanning®. We enable our clients to become better estimators, improve bid success ratio, achieve tremendous savings in analyzing effective alternatives and improving cost management, and be confident in the costs, schedules, and risk estimates of their business cases. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with improving our technologies and capabilities, increasing speed and accuracy.


Estimate with Confidence


Download the TruePlanning® 2016 SR1 Update 2

TruePlanning 2016 SR1 Users,

This software update (build 16.1.6978.3) will address the following changes to the application:

  • Fixes to spread dialogs
  • Sending/retrieving with Microsoft Project when the project has excluded cost objects
  • Updated form factor of software size input calculators with add/remove row functionality
  • Bulk calibrations in TrueFindings
  • Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper
  • Updates for new Software Maintenance and Common Elements catalogs
  • Various improvements to TPXL
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements


For more information on any of these changes, please visit the TruePlanning Help System > Welcome > Release Notes > 2016 SR1 Release Notes > 2016 SR1 Update.


***Please Click here for the Installation Guide***


To download the update, click on the link below corresponding to your installed version to update your software.






TruePlanning 2016 SR1 Users,

This software update (build 16.1.6860.1) will address the following changes to the application:

  • High resolution display scaling issues
  • Updated 2018 economics available to import and use
  • Copying/moving cost objects as sensitivity analyzer outputs
  • Saving a project with invalid calibrations
  • Saving sensitivity chart settings
  • Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper
  • Added inputs/outputs to Folder cost object to mimic System cost object
  • Metrics on System/Assembly to capture effort for only those cost objects
  • New catalogs for Software Maintenance and Common Elements (both in functional Beta)
  • Access to calculators through COM API interface
  • Various improvements to TPXL (now in functional Beta)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements


For more information on any of these changes, please visit the TruePlanning Help System > Welcome > Release Notes > 2016 SR1 Release Notes > 2016 SR1 Update.


***Please Click here for the Installation Guide***


To download the update, click on the link below corresponding to your installed version to update your software.




Download the TruePlanning® 2016 Update


TruePlanning 2016 Users,

This software update (Update build 16.0.6584.2) will address the issues outlined in the Product Known Issues section of the website resources, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

The update includes these following changes to the application:

  • Changes to support new security compliance measures, such as AppLocker and removal of unsupported third-party software.
  • ModelCenter plugin update for performance and usability when loading TruePlanning projects and selecting inputs and outputs to the model.
  •  Improvements to copy, paste and delete performance and memory allocation when handling large projects.
  • Various bug fixes and application improvements.


This update will automatically update various catalogs. Estimates may change but will be more accurate as well as a result of these changes. The conditions by which estimates will change are as follows:

  • Hardware estimates using fractional production quantities.
  • Space Missions estimates using large systems on the Space Thermal Protection cost object.


There are a few other important things to note about this release and future releases:

  • Any global data (currency rates, escalations, favorites, etc.) that were changed from their defaults will be lost during update process and should be backed up beforehand.
  • Migration from all TruePlanning 2012 versions and older will not work with this update due to no longer supported software so users should contact PRICE support if they need assistance moving projects from databases in those versions into more recent versions of the product.


For more information on any of these changes, please visit the TruePlanning Help System > Welcome > Release Notes > 2016 Release Notes > 2016 Update.






Download the Latest TruePlanning® 2014 SR2 Update


Hello TruePlanning 2014 SR2 Users!

This software update will not update any of your catalogs. As a result, none of the original answers contained in your estimates will change.

Following is an overview of the changes that have been made since TruePlanning® 2014SR2:

  • Improved performance of read/write operations to the database.
  • Improved performance of the Project Manager dialog.
  • Improved performance of the import process within TrueFindings®.
  • Resolved issues related to deleting the default Escalation Table.
  • Resolved issues related to attaching files in the Notes dialog.
  • Resolved issues with projects that are saved to the database.
  • Find and Replace Respects the ‘Automatic Calculations’ flag in the Tools > Options Dialog.
  • Improved performance of Find and Replace dialog.
  • Improved performance of Sensitivity Analyzer dialog.
  • Resolved Calculation Issues with International System Settings.
  • Updated maximum server memory on the TRUEPLANNING_3 Instance.
  • Perform uncertainty engine calculation through COM API.
  • Improved performance of importing projects.
  • Improved performance of importing projects containing older versions of calculators.
  • Improved performance of Results and Chart views that display Input, Metric, or Attribute data.
  • Resolved issues exporting projects with Availability spread over time.
  • Resolved issues related to translated projects.
  • Resolved issues with the Capacity report for translated projects.
  • Resolved issues related to viewing Hardware Component or Hardware COTS Input Sheets with French Formatting.
  • Resolved installation issues.


For more information on any of these changes, please visit the TruePlanning Help System > Welcome > Release Notes.






Attention Unmanned Space Users


Are you currently, or soon, working with Unmanned Space-related estimates?  If so, good news here.

We have significantly enhanced our unmanned space complexity choices.  We have essentially taken what we’ve always had available offline and automated them within the Hardware Catalog’s Equipment Type Calculator.

In fact, the latter now has more complexities as well as heritage & weight-split calculation… all within very intuitive drop-down menus for both Earth Orbiting and Planetary missions, for Spacecraft Bus and Payload applications.

(Again, if you’re not involved with Unmanned Space or won’t be in the foreseeable future, then disregard what’s below here… and stand by for TruePlanning 2016!)

These new complexities are contained within an updated hardware catalog that will be placed on your computer with this update. To use the new catalog, after you have updated TruePlanning to version 2014 SR2 14.2 (build 5884.1) with the download above, follow the 5-step process given by our online Importing an Updated Catalog instructions which will open up in a new tab.

  • To summarize, once you’ve closed out TruePlanning per step #1, you will need to back up any existing files saved in your current database, per step #2’s “Exporting Projects from the Database” section.
  • {However, if you already have your files backed up as export files, then this requirement is moot and you can skip steps #2 & #3, perform step #4, then skip step #5.}
  • Regarding project export, you can do so individually for each file with our standard files-export function.  Or, if you have multiple files saved in your database, you have the option of a mass export using the “TPTool” explained in this section.


Once your saved files (if any) are exported, you next delete them from your database, per step #3.

You are now ready to replace your hardware catalog with the new version per step #4.
The latter is guided by the instructions’ “Importing the Catalog” section.

Finally, per step#5, you then reload your saved export files, per the Importing Projects into the Database section.

This overall process is actually straightforward and reasonably painless.  But as always, call us if you need help: 1.800.43.PRICE (77423).  Then get ready to launch into the fidelity of your Unmanned Space estimating!




Known Issues


The table below includes some of the known issues in PRICE® Systems products. We include only issues we think are important or may potentially impact many customers, as well as a temporary solution until the issue is fixed. Use this information to decide when to upgrade to a new release and to see if we are aware of issues affecting you.

We are adding new issues as we discover them. When we release a new software update that addresses an issue, we will add a link to download the update in the Status column.

Last updated: June 14, 2017






TruePlanning 2016 Update 1 Projects created in TruePlanning 2016 Update 1 where cost objects have the same name at the same level in the PBS cannot be reopened once saved to a tpprj file. Resolved in TP2016 Update
TruePlanning 2016 Software costs estimates are incorrect when specifying certain languages with COSMIC Function Point size units. The programming languages are: C#, Java, Oracle, PHP, SAP or VB. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  The Phoenix® Integration ModelCenter® interface does not work properly with standalone desktop installations.  It always looks for a connection to a database. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  When importing multiple WBS or mappings into the Manage Mappings dialog, and changing the order that they are listed within the dialog, there is a risk that any newly or previously created mappings will not be retained when saving the project. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  TruePlanning® 2016 cannot launch after being installed and prompts a message about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll” missing from the computer. Typically, this occurs because Microsoft® Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable did not install correctly.

Temporary Solution: Perform a repair on the 2015 redistributable installation or reinstall the redistributable. The TruePlanning® 2016 installation does not need to be changed.

 TruePlanning 2016  Saving a project to a Microsoft® Excel® file and then importing that file into another open project sometimes results in extraneous costs being shown for cost objects. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  Projects created in TruePlanning® versions 14.0 and 14.2 were not using the appropriate rates for currency conversions when opened in TruePlanning® version 16.0. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016  When using the new Templates, if a Missile Template is selected, it may fail with an error. This is because the Missile Templates use a catalog called “equations” for calculating Fuel Costs. Resolved in TP2016 Update
 TruePlanning 2016 The “First Piece Cost” and “Nth Unit Cost” (FPC/NUC) metrics for Hardware COTS items are incorrect when the fiscal year for “Results” (set in Project->Properties->Economics) and that for the Hardware COTS “Purchased Hardware Units Costs” are different. This also affects their parent System/Assembly FPC/NUC metrics. Only the FPC/NUC metrics are incorrect in this circumstance. The costs on the “Results” tab are correct. Resolved in TP2016 Update