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Electronics Data Overload!

By PRICE® Customer Success TeamMay 19, 2020

We’ve bought access to IHS Haystack, which links us to huge amounts of data on government parts and logistics, including electronics running the gamut of technologies, functions, and types of equipment. The tool combines data from more than 70 military and commercial databases, and includes detailed data on costs, procurement histories, and a wide range of technical characteristics – perfect for building and validating CERs.

This data will be very useful for our TP 2013 Electronics Update. All of this data can be built into a knowledge base and made available to TruePlanning users. With this data and the electronics guidance solutions we’re envisioning, there are lots of benefits:

  • Complexity analyses and the resulting numbers can be easily traced to the root source, making it easy to defend your estimate.
  • You can peruse the data and find the components most similar to what your estimating, further improving accuracy.
  • You can plot your estimate alongside relevant historical data, greatly improving cost realism of your estimates.

Combining this data with our already large electronics database and hands-on experience estimating electronics projects will undoubtedly lead to a great solution – I’m excited! More details to come.