March/April Issue: TruePlanning® 2014

Industry study further substantiates value of PRICE® Systems' estimating methodology for credible bid & proposal validation and risk reduction


Introducing TruePlanning 2014: A Data-driven
Framework for Robust Decision-Making

Our innovative framework, which includes TrueFindings™ and TrueMapper™ as well as new cost models, eases the integration of data, statistics, models and estimate mapping for faster, more robust decision-making that enables our users to win more profitable business through data-driven validation.

A recent study conducted by the Business Development Institute International sought to identify relevant best practices for developing and maintaining a viable capability in Price-To-Win and Competitive Analysis (PTW/CA). The study surveyed industry practioners from leading corporations and yielded the following findings:

100% reported that "historic cost databases" are important to success1
87% reported that "parametric cost estimating tools" are critical to success2
80% of practitioners commonly use "Custom Excel spreadsheets"3
• Despite prevalence of use, 88% of spreadsheets have errors4

In response to industry need, our cost estimating framework is designed to reduce the time and expense required to satisfy credible, data-driven parametric estimating needs at all levels of an organization with:

TruePlanning® 2014—Quickly model hardware, software, microcircuits, and IT within a single framework
TrueFindings™—Leverage historic data, cost drivers, and associated performance attributes with ease
TrueMapper™—Localize TruePlanning® results with easy mapping to your way of doing business
New Cost Models—Generate proposals with reliable top-down estimating based on scope and complexity
Bid and Proposal Validation—Find out how it works. Register for our upcoming April 1st webinar!

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