September/October Issue: PRICE users conduct trade studies faster and with more certainty

Long-time PRICE user leverages TruePlanning® to improve affordability engineering of conceptual designs for future business development


Engineering teams at a Major Defense & Security Contractor historically relied primarily on spreadsheet-based, bottom-up, cost estimating methods to design new product architectures for future business opportunities.

This approach greatly limited their affordability engineering capabilities in areas such as the costs they could verify, the number of design options they could price, and the life cycle costs they could forecast with confidence.

Then this customer of more than 25 years leveraged its relationship with PRICE support to determine how to best approach new cost estimating challenges. By increasing the use of parametric estimating with PRICE® TruePlanning® for early cost estimates of conceptual designs, engineering teams are now able to provide more viable and promising solutions for future business opportunities.

Today, they use TruePlanning® to innovate and explore more design options against pre-determined cost targets with new capabilities to price analysis of alternatives and conduct CAIV trade studies faster and with more certainty than with their prior cost estimating methods. Importantly, their concepts can be more accurately designed for affordability with data-driven estimates of projected life cycle costs such as for build, operation, and maintenance. Read case study »

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