Jan/Feb 2015 Issue: PRICE TruePlanning helps researchers evaluate cost as part of technology recommendations

University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) leverages TruePlanning® to improve early conceptual analysis, which ultimately provides senior decision-makers with defendable technology recommendations


Always looking out for the interests of their DoD and security clients, this UARC recognized the cost implications of a new, more austere budget environment. In the past, they left cost estimating to their customers. They recognized that they must now consider cost implications as an important variable in the process of developing their recommendations. While they did not typically provide estimates as part of their technical recommendations to their clients, they were familiar with some internal cost-analysis capabilities built on Excel spreadsheets. They had even written some Visual Basic code to make it a more user-friendly tool.

It was the chance to gain synergy from an estimating platform used by another group, however, which really piqued their interest. They wanted to see if the same PRICE® TruePlanning™ Cost Estimating Framework used to help their associates estimate aerospace hardware applications could provide up-front analytical benefits in their weapon system, command-and-control system, and integrated hardware/software information system projects. View full case study »

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