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Harness Model-Based Cost Engineering™
to predict total lifecycle costs for advanced air mobility

Since the concepts of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and advanced air mobility (AAM) began, PRICE Cost Analytics™ has been an integral part of uniting the eVTOL aircraft innovators and AAM service providers. They are quickly and accurately predicting total lifecycle costs for this fast-emerging industry — down to the electronic components and infrastructure.

Simple solutions to learn, easy to adopt 

PRICE Cost Analytics™ uses a unique Model-Based Cost Engineering™ (MBCE™) technology to systematically harness your historical data and expertise for enterprise-wide process integration. Coupled with our team of eVTOL/AAM experts, customers gain the ability to design for cost per flight hour and optimize cost per passenger mile — while balancing performance factors like safety, noise, reliability, durability, and maintainability of the aircraft. This predictive power is helping to make the concept of flying to work or sharing an air taxi a reality, soon.


What is Model-Based Cost Engineering™?

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Innovation since 1975

For nearly 50 years, we have empowered organizations and professionals to budget more successfully, win more profitable business, and achieve greater ROI.


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