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Predictive Cost Analytics for eVTOL Aircraft

Designing for Cost Per Flight Hour Starts with Predictive Power

PRICE Cost Analytics™ is helping Uber and Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft innovators like Karem Aircraft and Jaunt Air Mobility quickly and accurately predict total life cycle costs. Our exclusive technology enables our customers to design for cost per flight hour while balancing performance factors like safety, noise, reliability, durability, and maintainability. The predictive power of PRICE Cost Analytics™ is helping to make the concept of affordably flying to work or sharing an air taxi a reality—soon!


PRICE® Gets Shout-outs During Uber Elevate Summit 2019

“The honest broker for uncovering affordable flights for eVTOL concepts…”

Jaunt Air Mobility CEO Kaydon Stanzione discusses PRICE Cost Analytics™

Companies in Uber’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Supply Chain Use PRICE®

“Affordability is key for Urban Air Mobility, which makes accurate, unbiased cost estimates as essential as safety analysis and performance calculations. PRICE’s tool addresses this need and is versatile enough to use throughout the development process.”

— Ryan Doss, Head of Product & Business at Karem Aircraft

“PRICE Systems is the honest broker for uncovering affordable flights for eVTOL concepts. They have equipped our team with an independent predictive life cycle cost solution required to address the unique features of our compound aircraft.”

— Kaydon Stanzione, CEO at Jaunt Air Mobility


Our world-class expertise in UAM affordability supports eVTOL development and engineering—backed by over 40 years in aerospace and defense cost estimation and research.

Nate Sirirojvisuth, PhD. | Lead eVTOL Expert

Dr. Nate developed the rotorcraft lifecycle cost model for the U.S. Army’s Future Vertical Lift program.

He has worked closely with many rotorcraft and eVTOL companies to support technology valuation, readiness assessments, and affordability engineering. Dr. Sirirojvisuth has extensive expertise in rotorcraft multidisciplinary design and optimization and a deep knowledge in econometrics and predictive cost analytics. He received a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Joe Bauer | Solution Architect

Joe is the lead Solutions Consultant for estimating cost/schedule of airborne military programs.

He has worked closely with domestic and foreign government service acquisition agencies, and major aerospace defense contractors across the globe. Mr. Bauer has extensive expertise in airborne hardware and software estimation throughout the program life cycle. He received a master’s degree in Cost Analysis from the Air Force Institute of Technology and is a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst.

John Swaren | Solution Architect

John is the lead Solutions Consultant for Commercial Aeronautics and Space

His consulting engagements have included Pratt & Whitney,  L-3, and other commercial supply-chain customers, NASA, L-3 and LMCO-RMS.  Mr. Swaren has over 25 years of experience in predictive analytics, cost estimation and parametric model development.  He has graduate degrees in Engineering, Computer Science and Finance, with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics.

PRICE® eVTOL Leadership

Anthony DeMarco | Founder & President

“We are elated to be the cost estimating solution of choice and honest broker, by 3 out of the 6 Vehicle Partners in Uber Elevate’s supply chain. It validates years of cost research and positions us to support the unique aircraft configurations associated with urban air mobility. Uber’s cost-per-flight hour objectives are very challenging, so it is essential that the life cycle cost impact of every air vehicle design decision is modeled and evaluated against the objectives. Our advanced algorithms enable us to model and estimate development, production, operation, and support costs for every conceivable configuration.”

DeMarco has been a pioneer in cost forecasting and analysis technology for decades. PRICE® Systems, a former division of Lockheed Martin, became an independent company in 1998 under his leadership.