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Lifecycle Economic Study of eVTOL
Air Taxi Service in the U.S. Northeast Region

Market: Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Analysis: PRICE® Research

Submit our form to download the 19-page Economic Study conducted by PRICE® Systems in cooperation with Georgia Institute of Technology and Jaunt Air Mobility. The Study presents this new market using a predictive analytic approach that accounts for the performance of Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, takeoff and landing infrastructure (vertiports), and the demand for ridership given a ticket price and time saved.   

PRICE® Research

Since 1975, PRICE® Research has been an integral part of the aeronautics, space, and defense industry. Our findings and PRICE Cost Analytics™ help develop supervised, predictive models and thought leadership that guide the cost estimating community in the acquisition, extraction, and transformation of their corporate history. Since the concepts of eVTOL and AAM began, we have been uniting the eVTOL aircraft innovators and AAM service providers. PRICE® Research analysts and experts are establishing lifecycle cost models for early eVTOL concepts; evaluating TOC of vehicle and infrastructure for AAM operation developing cost modeling strategies for AAM supply chains; establishing technology valuation frameworks for AAM market feasibility; defining strategies to estimate future battery costs, and mentoring graduate students to evaluate future concepts.