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  • Predictive Analytics for Improved Cost Management
Impact > of Improved Core Estimation Capability

Cost Estimating Confidence Built on Decades of Proven Experience

Good estimating is a key to establishing realistic budgets, winning bids, and managing projects. Overbidding results in lost opportunities; underbidding results in lost money and failed programs. PRICE® Systems’ parametric estimating helps organizations streamline their estimating and cost proposal processes to reduce risk, reduce cost, and increase efficiency.

PRICE pioneered the science of parametric estimating, has been conducting cost and estimating research for more than 40 years, and today offers far more than just cost models. PRICE Research has identified and validated key relationships that play a major role in estimating and cost proposals. The latest PRICE solutions incorporate those relationships into top-down cost estimating software that provides real value by delivering the credibility and confidence customers want for better affordability management:

  • PRICE® TruePlanning® provides speed without sacrificing accuracy—including ability to estimate and evaluate rapidly, to defend estimates built on a proven parametric estimating methodology, and to respond to changes in the original cost proposal.

  • Rapid analysis of alternatives (AoAs)—within hours, not days—identifies trade-offs and "what if" scenarios that allow for design and engineering changes to keep costs in line.

  • The PRICE methodology provides a common language for understanding throughout the organization and the supply chain.

  • PRICE® TrueFindings® enables customers to incorporate their own cost data within the TruePlanning Framework.

  • Interoperability with common tools—the ability to integrate PRICE solutions with popular engineering, enterprise resource planning (ERP), earned-value management (EVM), and product life cycle management (PLM) software—lets you leverage up-to-date cost data throughout your process.

  • PRICE can provide a comprehensive life cycle cost model that is credible, flexible, responsive, and able to evolve with the project, to help at all levels of life cycle cost management.