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Government Contractor + Commercial Edition | Q2 2021

The Latest in Model-Based Cost Engineering™

PRICE Systems delivers expertise, best practices, and research-driven, Model-Based Cost Engineering™ (MBCE™) technology that instills confidence in estimating and bidding on complex projects.  The INSIGHT serves defense contractors, aeronautics, space & intelligence, information technology, consulting organizations, and automotive markets.

  • People: Michael Ahearn

    From Cost Estimator to Mentor

    Michael supports the Government Contractor sector as a consultant, mentor, and trainer for A and D corporations. Michael Brings 3 years of experience as a Material and Labor Cost Estimator at Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company to the team.

  • Process: Streamlining Cost Engineering

    Proven. Data-Driven. Rapid.

    Model-Based Cost Engineering™ is an integral part of the technical baseline, dynamically linking cost, schedule, and uncertainty to technical requirements. It can be easily implemented to support Bid/No-Bid Analysis, Ghosting the Competition, Design-to-Cost Targeting, Price-to-Win, and Basis of Estimate (BOE).

  • Research: PRICE® Data Set Initiative

    Creating Knowledge from Data

    Learn about the PRICE® Data Set Initiative, which was established to add value to the cost community through transparent, distributable, and credible data sets while showcasing the approach and history of data collection at PRICE®.

  • Technology: Model-Based Cost Engineering™

    In support of lifecycle estimates

    MBCE™ generates predictive power through six integrated technologies that enable the digital thread from the historical data to the data-driven BOE.